Our Vision

Our Vision

To see students and faculty transformed,
campuses renewed,
and world changers developed.

Our vision is reflected in the lives of InterVarsity Alumni who go on to serve God's purposes in the world... 

Sheeba Philip Sheeba Philip - Harvard Business School - marketing professional
As a co-leader of the InterVarsity fellowship at Harvard Business School, Sheeba cultivated the integration of her faith with her work and her life. Then, at the pinnacle of her career in the business world, she sensed it was time for a change. She went from marketing cookies to helping free those who are oppressed by human trafficking.
Almita Miranda Almita Miranda - Northwestern University - immigration researcher
Attending college as a first-generation student from an immigrant family was challenging for Almita. She found friends through InterVarsity's LaFe Fellowship, where Bible studies helped her explore the ways her ethnicity and faith intersect. Today she researches the impact of immigration policies on families, and advocates for reform of those policies.
Gene Luen Yang Gene Luen Yang - University of California—Berkeley - cartoonist
After graduation and a year on staff with InterVarsity, Gene taught computer science in high school and began writing graphic novels. His book American Born Chinese was nominated for a National Book Award in children's literature. His reputation as a graphic novel author continues to grow. He has now joined DC comics as the writer for the Superman series.
Sharon Cohn Wu Sharon Cohn Wu - University of Virginia—Charlottesville - lawyer
Sharon looked up InterVarsity at the suggestion of her high school debate coach and discovered a loving and kind community of college students where she was able to rigorously pursue faith matters. It led to a radical change in her life. Today as senior vice president for International Justice Mission, Sharon works to rescue victims of violence and bring criminals to justice around the world.
Santa Ono Santa Ono - University of Chicago - college president
Santa's journey to faith in Christ began with the witness of his InterVarsity roommate during his freshman year in college. Many years later, as a researcher and administrator at Emory University he became faculty adviser for three InterVarsity chapters. As president of the University of Cincinnati, he served on InterVarsity's board of trustees. He is now president of the University of British Columbia.
Otha Thornton Otha Thornton - Morehouse College - education leader
After his 21-year career as a U.S. Army officer ended, Otha became more active in the PTA, and was elected national PTA president. His development as a leader included leading a small group Bible study in college, as he was mentored by InterVarsity staff.
Julie Lee Julie Lee - Towson University - singer
Julie started playing the guitar in college and honed her talents on the worship team for the Towson University InterVarsity chapter. After graduation, and two years on the mission field in Budapest, she moved to Nashville. As she has gotten established as a singer, her song writing has been praised for its "masterly use of Old Testament language."
Todd Rider Todd Rider - Massachusetts Institute of Technology - research scientist
InterVarsity provided Todd an opportunity to mature in his faith while honing his science skills. As a senior scientist at MIT, he focuses on developing improved methods of detecting and treating infections. Today Todd is using science to improve the lives of others.
Michael Oh Michael Oh - University of Pennsylvania - missions leader
As an InterVarsity leader at the University of Pennsylvania, Michael felt called by God to become a missionary to Japan, despite the legacy of Japanese imperialism against his family's Korean culture. "I consider my involvement with InterVarsity as formative to my own spiritual life and calling," he said. Michael was recently chosen to become the next Executive Director/CEO of the Lausanne Movement.
Helen Lee Helen Lee - Williams College - missional mom
Helen is an author, speaker, and — most importantly — a missional mom. Before motherhood, she worked on staff with InterVarsity, earned two graduate degrees (including an MBA), worked as a journalist, worked in publishing, and started a business. "I will forever be grateful for InterVarsity’s influence," she says. "I would not be the same person without InterVarsity’s presence in my life."
Tim Keller Tim Keller - Bucknell University - pastor
When Tim came to Bucknell University, he was invited to join an InterVarsity Bible study. He became a committed follower of Christ and learned how to engage contemporary culture with the gospel. Later, while attending Gordon Conwell Seminary, he served as an InterVarsity staff volunteer for three years. Today he pastors Redeemer Presbyterian Church, one of the largest and fastest growing churches in New York City.
Meg and Randy Palisoc Meg and Randy Palisoc - University of Southern California - educators
Meg and Randy met through InterVarsity. Meg's faith was transformed by her experiences in the Chicago Urban Project and Urbana 93. Together they have a vision for improving education in Los Angeles public schools. The school they created, Synergy Charter Academy, has received the National Blue Ribbon Award, recognizing their success in helping disadvantaged students.
Tony Gatewood Tony Gatewood - University of Iowa - campus staff member
As a worship leader for the InterVarsity chapter at the University of Iowa, Tony played a major role in making people from all cultures feel welcome. Following God's call to multiethnic ministry and racial reconciliation, Tony is now an InterVarsity Campus Staff Member at his alma mater.
Jeremy Lin Jeremy Lin - Harvard University - NBA guard
Jeremy rewrote the Harvard record book as a shooting guard and in his second season as a professional basketball player set some new NBA records as a point guard for the New York Knicks. Involvement in his InterVarsity small group kept him grounded in his faith during college and helped prepare him for an anticipated future career in full-time ministry after the NBA.
Louis Markos Louis Markos - Colgate University - English professor
Professor Markos dedicated his 2010 book, Apologetics for the 21st Century, to the ministry of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. "InterVarsity helped equip me with a way of integrating faith and learning," he wrote. As a professor and visiting scholar at Houston Baptist University he still leads an inductive Bible study for students in his home.
Kay Coles James Kay Coles James - Hampton University - federal administrator
Attending an InterVarsity conference, Kay gave up her plans for a teaching career and let God have control. That led to a 30-year career in public service, where she ultimately became director of the U.S. Office of Personnel Management. Now she is mentoring the next generation of African American leaders through the Gloucester Institute.
Mike McIntyre Mike McIntyre - University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill - congressman
Through InterVarsity Mike was encouraged to develop as a whole person “and to let my faith impact whatever career I was being called to." Mike followed his calling into public service. He applied his InterVarsity leadership training to serving the citizens of North Carolina’s 7th Congressional District in the U.S. Congress from 1997 to 2015.
Jean Geran Jean Geran - University of Wisconsin-Madison - international development
Jean credits her participation in an InterVarsity graduate student discussion group for helping her integrate her Christian faith with her PhD studies. During her service in the U.S. State Department and on the National Security Council she was an outspoken advocate for human rights. After serving as a senior fellow at the Legatum Institute, she founded Each Inc., focused on protecting vulnerable children globally.
Dennis Ortega

Dennis Ortega - University of California-Irvine - inner city tutor
As an InterVarsity student at UC-Irvine, Dennis learned to listen for God's direction. He pursued a double major in pre-med and engineering but upon graduation he spent the summer tutoring inner city kids. He got a vision for how tutoring and after-school programs can change a community and established the Lincoln Heights Tutorial program. Today, 25 years later, InterVarsity students from nearby campuses still volunteer at LHTP, helping hundreds of kids with studies and service projects.

Mildred Clarke Mildred Clarke - Hunter College - doctor of obstetrics and gynecology
When Dr. Clarke retired in 2001, after delivering over 5,000 babies, she volunteered to become the adviser for InterVarsity's struggling Brooklyn College chapter. The chapter flourished and soon was recognized by the Student Life office as one of the top campus chapters; Dr. Clarke was also recognized as one of the top chapter advisers. InterVarsity's New York office now bestows the Dr. Mildred Clarke Distinguished Alumni Award on area alumni who exemplify InterVarsity's values.
Rex Walheim Rex Walheim  -  University of California-Berkeley  -  astronaut
As a student, manning the InterVarsity book table, Rex was used to dealing with challenges to his faith. After graduation, when he failed the physical for flight school, he thought his goal of becoming an astronaut had met a dead end. But he remained faithful to the career that he believed God had called him to, working as a flight test engineer. Ultimately he did get a chance to apply to the astronaut program and was accepted, orbiting the earth in space shuttle missions in 2002 and 2008.
Tom & Bree Hsieh Tom Hsieh  - Pomona College  -  technology innovator
Tom and his wife Bree were profiled in the Chronicle of Philanthropy because of their simple lifestyle, in accord with their Christian values. As an InterVarsity student at Pomona College, Tom committed himself to following Christ by serving the poor. He and Bree live modestly so that they have more to give to others, both financially and through their personal involvement with the Pomona Hope Community Center.
Alissa Moore Alissa Moore  - Skidmore College  -  fashion entrepreneur
Alissa went to Urbana 06, InterVarsity's Triennial Student Missions Conference, as an InterVarsity student. There she learned about efforts to combat human trafficking and modern slavery. She is now vice-president and co-founder of the Nomi Network, a non-profit organization which bridges the non-profit, public, and private sectors in its campaign to end human trafficking.
Gary Haugen Gary Haugen  - Harvard University  -  justice advocate
Gary Haugen founded International Justice Mission, a human rights ministry that rescues victims of violence, sexual exploitation, and slavery. As an InterVarsity student at Harvard University, Gary learned that social justice is a biblical value. Today IJM helps to bring God's love and justice to societies around the world.


More InterVarsity world changer stories can be found on the InterVarsity Alumni Department website.

We thank God for the world-changing influence of our alumni. And we are grateful for the prayers and the generous financial support that makes this campus ministry possible.