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March 08, 2012

Best of Nashville

Gordon Govier

Julie Lee and the Baby DaddiesCongratulations to InterVarsity alumna and Nashville singer/songwriter Julie Lee on receiving positive reviews and critical acclaim for her new album, Julie Lee & the Baby-Daddies.

The term baby daddies is usually used in a pejorative sense but not in this case. In addition to her musical and artistic talents Julie is a creative and talented babysitter. So after babysitting for some of Nashville’s top musicians she had several offers of collaboration for future albums.

As she collected on those offers and was getting the musicians together for the project several years ago, The Nashville Scene called her, “one of the best — if also one of the more under-appreciated — singers and songwriters in town.”

She launched the album with a Nashville performance last Saturday, and The Nashville Scene added more plaudits: “Her blues-infused old-timey repertoire remains unjustly overlooked. On this 10-song set, she makes some of the most masterly use of Old Testament language and imagery this side of Flannery O’Connor.”

Christianity Today’s Mark Moring gave Julie an opportunity to talk about her music and her career in a quick interview posted earlier today, including her thoughts on the music industry. The route she has chosen is not an easy route, but it seems to be a satisfying one.

After graduating from Towson University in Maryland, where she was active in the InterVarsity chapter, Julie did a short-term mission in Budapest for two years before moving to Nashville where she has now lived for more than a decade and a half.

To sample Julie's music, check out her website. She will also be touring through Illinois and Wisconsin with Andrew Greer over the next week and a half.

UPDATE - Christianity Today has now posted a longer version of their Julie Lee interview.


I am trying to find a contact for Intervarisity for: Nashville Charlotte Jacksonville Atlanta Louisville, KY Could you send me a phone # and email contact for each city please? Bev Wood CLC
Hey Bev, you can find contact information for each chapter we have here: Just search by state.

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