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January 30, 2012

Celebrate 1 Year of Infographics with Free Stuff

Laura Li and Glenn Griffin

Twentyonehundred productions is known for their thoughtful, creative videos and designs. But we also know how to laugh. A lot.

For the past year, 2100, InterVarsity’s multimedia team, has been posting weekly infographics on its Facebook page.  While the topics have varied from Daylight Savings time and Fireworks to Bible study and evangelism, they are united by the humor that can be found in combining InterVarsity culture, Christian culture, and pop culture. Originally conceived in a moment of whimsy, these images have developed a loyal following with InterVarsity staff and students and others. Check out a few of our favorites and enter our contests below.

Enter the contest

To celebrate the 1st anniversary of the “Infographic of the Week,” we’re sponsoring two contests today and tomorrow. To enter today’s contest:

1. Visit our Facebook page and choose a favorite infographic. Be sure to visit not only the album dedicated to the infographics, but also the albums which contain series of infographics dedicated to Valentine’s Day, the ubiquitous York Moore, fashion for New Student Outreach, InterVarsity’s take on the Royal Wedding, and Grad Libs.  

2. Come back here and leave a comment. Tell us which infographic is your favorite and why.

3.  Wait to see if you win! For every 10 comments posted before noon (Central Time) on Friday, February 3, we’ll give away one high quality 11x14 infographic print of choice to a winner, drawn randomly by InterVarsity’s president Alec Hill. We’ll contact the winners by email on Friday.

Stay tuned for more fun

Check back here tomorrow morning at 10 a.m. (Central Time) for a scavenger hunt quiz that will send you back into the infographics to hunt for data.  The first to post all the correct answers will also receive an infographic print.

Of course, twentyonehundred productions team members and their families, pets, and kitchen appliances are not eligible to win either of these contests.  We’re all about keeping things fair.

We are so thankful for our infographic fans, and we look forward to another year of entertaining and inspiring you.


Nothing wrong with what tim tebow does, why all the hate?
no hate - just having fun.
If it's not too late - I love this Infographic of the Week: Map of the Lands of Overused Intercessory Phrases. It is sooo true!
What Matters to InterVarsity....because the truth can hurt & make you laugh. And because "grammar" is spelled incorrectly.
"Decision Process: How InterVarsity Students Should Spend Their Summer" is the one that makes me chuckle the most as I look back over the past year's infographics. Stereotypical 2100 style of making every conclusion something based around InterVarsity and I love the trap of IVLI that if you do or do not want to lead, you should go. This is VERY closely followed by "A Beginner's Guide to Manuscript Study Symbols." Some hilarious symbols that I definitely will pick up with my manuscript studies. Very well done 2100.
Tim Tebow should definitely spit that lukewarm mouth guard out!
Twilight Venn Diagram was definitely my favourite. It makes me chortle every time I see it.
"Decision Process: How InterVarsity Students Spend Their Summer" is my favorite! It is hilarious to actually use for students on campus and kept me laughing for days after it was posted. Good stuff.
The Growth and Development of Peeps. You can't beat that! Those little morsels of goodness never grow tired, never grow faded. They will not rust or be eaten by moths. They are truly the food of heaven, escaping corruption. Unless, of course, you microwave them. In which case, hilarity ensues.
a new Christian's first year! absolutely brilliant!
I really liked the Twilight one (ashamed as I am to admit it-smile)
Bands named after Large Groups is by far my favorite inforgraphic, if for no other reason than the research that had to be put into to cross referencing large group names and band names. The dedication is astounding! Either that or y'all just made those up and my heart has been broken... Either way, very entertaining!
Oh, we definitely used real data - started a spreadsheet for research and everything. We had that idea going for awhile and really liked it, but it wasn't as big of a hit among fans as we thought it would be. Glad it was your favorite!
Holy Week & Finals Week Venn Diagram!!
The guide to manuscript bible study symbols is most definitely my favorite. We do a lot of manuscript studies at my school and have honestly considered using this as a guide for the newcomers at the studies I go to, having a poster would make this so much easier!
How can Timmy Tebow not be the best one? I mean, a miracle baby out of the Philippines, to becoming a top 5 NCAA football player of all time, to defying all odds and leading a 1-4 Broncos to the playoffs and winning a game against the always dangerous Steelers. Tebow's is with out a doubt my favorite infographic. 1 Tim 3:16!!!!!!!!!!!!! TEEEEEEEEEEBBBBBOOOOOOW TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's really hard to choose, but my favorite is: Culture Shock (also loved the exams week, staff brain, and V-day pickup lines of course xD) But I love the Culture Shock one because it's easy to relate to my (and friends') experiences after the Global Projects/Urban Treks! I've done the same things, or similar things in reaction. I love it when infographics show truth in a humorous way.
I'd have to go with the staff brain... sums it up pretty well!
Intervarsity's guide to talk talking about Jesus - Freshmen move-in edition is by far the best infographic! I love it because not only it is informative, but it's practical and useful! :D and funny of course.
"What we did during Snow-pocalypse 2011" is my favorite because it's awesome ^_^
Culture Shock, Although I can't say I'm not upset that it doesn't include the urban projects in its list of causes.
I would agree - I passed it on to all of my summer Chicago Urban program students and they all appreciated it (and I hope made them laugh too at their own process). funny and true wins for me
"3:16 verses Tim Tebow should have worn" definitely became my favorite as I love football and how you guys took out of context verses and made then in the context of football games. The mouth guard part really completed the poster.
Snow-pocalypse 2011 is definitely my favorite. Because I recently moved from one state ("wore out another pair of flip flops") to another ("world's largest snowball fight"), and it's just so true.
My favorite is the "Official Checklist of Pharisee New Year's Resolutions." It's clever and benignly sarcastic, and reminds me that I can't justify myself to the Lord through my actions. I want more faith that I am justified through Christ who lives in me! The colors and the fonts are also really pretty and aesthetically pleasing! Thank you 2100 for your creativity! The infographics have been such a treat on facebook!
Holy Week and Finals Week: definitely one of the best infographics. So hard to choose but this one made some great comparisons that so many could relate to. I got so many comments on my wall about it. What a great year of infographics - way to go!!!
Hands-down, "Choose Your Own Daylight Savings Time Personality" is my favorite. I love me some Myers-Briggs humor. Honorable mentions: "Culture Shock" (even though I've never even been on a missions trip!) and "Uses for Salt."
Recipe for the Perfect Worship Song stands outs as a favorite for me. It was hilarious and very, very true.
The simple profundity of the vampires, werewolves, and Christians venn diagram had me chuckling, that's my favorite! I really love the IV valentines though, tough choice...
The Staff Brain! The graphic is funny as well as a little poignant, since NSO is always a thousand things on the mind. The black and white is striking and overall it's very, very well designed. I love the thoughts, the biblical basis, and the humor. (And that's saying a lot to beat out the perfect worship song, which is easily the funniest thing I've ever read in my life.)
Favorite: What Matters to InterVarsity One I think about the most: The Land of Overused Intercessory Phrases Apparently my small group spends a lot of time in the plains of Wejustwanna :)
The perfect worship song recipe...hahahahahahahahahaha
The Staff Brain. Hands down. I love it so much, I have a copy of it hanging by my desk in our office. :) I remember when it came out and thinking, "Every single one of these things are true about me...except maybe the debt ceiling." Haha. :) And 2100 even published my very own infographic that I submitted. Talk about a surprise. :) I was glad to see it so well received by my fellow coworkers and students alike. Thanks 2100, you make me smile. :)
Definitely "Map of the Lands of Overused Intercessory Phrases." I'm probably ringing the same bell as many others when I say that I absolutely adore the LOTR-esque design. But on a different note, I find it hilarious (and a good reminder as well) because the Prayer Team leader for my chapter. We talk a lot about how to consciously pray with language that genuinely expresses our thoughts toward God and veers away from being a performance in front of others.
Overused Intercessory Phrases - Joking, lovingly, humorously points out how similar our prayers are and how easy it is to let a pattern take over genuine prayers. Not to say that these phrases are bad, but sometimes we do sound rather cliche. It reminds me not to just churn out words just because everyone always says them!
My favorite is "A Beginner's Guide to Manuscript Bible Study!" because when I saw it reminded me of how hard it is to get students to write on the manuscripts.This is a great way to encourage newcomers to do it and share a laugh with the older members.
"The Game Plan" is definitely one of my favorites. I wonder if that's how God sees us when we do proxe stations? Hahaha.
I really like the infographic on the growth and development of peeps. Mostly because peeps are delicious and I love microwaving them to see how big they can get. As a college student, they are my daily dose of vitamins! breakfast, second breakfast, lunch, tea time, dinner, supper, and midnight munchies...
I would have to say that my favorite is the "Map of the Lands of Overused Intercessory Phrases." I loved the awesome LOTR-ish design, and the map sections were just plain hilarious. And so true... :) Thanks for the year of entertaining Infographics! Here's to another great (and creative) year!
The InterVarsity Staff Brain!!! With all credit due to each design, this one is by FAR my favorite artistically. And with such an accurate, cheeky look into my own brain as a staff, how can I NOT vote for this?! If I don't win I need to make my own print :) Thanks for all the awesome work, 2100!
My favorite is "Choose your own personality: Daylight Savings time edition." Funny and informative.
I loved the staff brain infographic because it totally relates to everything I think about on a regular basis! Y'all nailed it on the dot!
Lent-O-Meter! It's so funny! You chose the perfect things. The Xanga reference is my favorite. :)
The Culture Shock (post global project/trek) is definitely the best infographic. Since the word "best" is contingent on opinion, I've broken down the process. Hilarity + Truth = Best Let Hilarity = Exaggeration + Realism Let Truth = (Experiences - ENFP Retelling) + (Facts - Human Bias)
HAHAHAHAHA I loved your reply!
"The Adventures of Ivy: Harry, Year 8" takes, and eats it up, the cake when it comes to the favorite infographic. It combined the hype of the final Harry Potter film and the excitement for the Scars proxe station and produced a mesh of humor that our staff (and students) could enjoy. Well done, 2100!

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