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October 18, 2013

Prayers for World Student Day

Lisa Rieck

Today is World Student Day, and we need you to pray! Sponsored by the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES), a group of student movements active in 154 countries, World Student Day is a day to celebrate what God is doing among students all over the world and to join together in asking God to continue his great work at colleges and universities—and you can still sign up.

Since InterVarsity/USA is part of IFES, many of us will be gathering in groups to pray for students in different countries throughout the day. And students throughout the world will be praying for us and for each other. Here are just a few suggestions of what you might pray for students worldwide today.

Spiritual Growth

  • Pray that students will recognize their need for a relationship with God through Jesus Christ.
  • Pray that new believers will find strong fellowship with other Christians and opportunities to study Scripture.
  • Pray that Christian students will hunger to know God more, live a life pleasing to him, and share him with others.


  • Pray that students will have focus, integrity, and diligence in their studies.
  • Pray that God will use students’ intellect and gifts to influence their areas of study.
  • Pray that students’ words and actions will reveal Christ’s life in them to professors and other students.

Home Life and Relationships

  • Pray that Christian students whose families have disowned them because of their faith will be welcomed into community with other believers who can become like family to them.
  • Pray that parents and friends will desire to know God more because of the witness of Christian students.
  • Pray that students will be wise and protected from the temptations around them like sexual sin, materialism, prideful or discouraging thoughts, the influence of drugs or alcohol, etc.

Student Movements

  • Pray that God will raise up student leaders with deep wisdom and faith in Jesus who are ready to give of themselves for others, for God, and for their movement.
  • Pray that God will bring more staff members who are committed to Scripture and passionate about seeing students surrender their lives to Jesus.
  • Pray that God will supply the needs of every student group, both financial and spiritual, to grow IFES for his glory.

To find out more about what’s happening in student movements around the world, check out the IFES blog.

Lisa Rieck

Lisa Rieck is a writer and editor on InterVarsity’s communications team. She worked at InterVarsity Press for over nine years as a proofreader and Bible study editor (and, as it were, resident limerick-writer). She is continually inspired by the beauty of the sky and loves good conversation with family and friends over steaming-hot beverages.


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