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December 06, 2012

Praying Your Way to Urbana 12

Jacci Turner

Why pay all that money to go to Urbana 12 and come in spiritually unprepared? Use these ideas to help ready your heart to be changed by God at Urbana.

1. Put a reminder in your calendar every day from now until December 27 to pray for God to prepare you for Urbana (see second suggestion below for specifics).

2. Sign up on to get information via Facebook, Twitter, or email, and use the updates as reminders to pray.

3. Make a sign or create a piece of art about Urbana, hang it up in your room, and commit to praying for Urbana each time you pass it.

4. Gather some friends on campus and have a weekly or biweekly prayer meeting for Urbana.

What should you be praying for? Heck, what shouldn’t you be praying for? Here are just a few suggestions:

  • Pray for all those folks who are going crazy preparing for you: the speakers, musicians, drama team, seminar leaders, missionaries, and certifiable folks actually organizing the whole thing. (A conference for 15,000-20,000 people doesn’t just happen, you know!)
  • Pray for yourself—that God would open your heart to his voice and his Spirit, reveal to you any unconfessed sin in your life, and open your eyes to other barriers keeping you from full obedience to him. Also pray that he’d prepare you for whatever serious ways he wants to rock your world, and empower you to respond to his call with joy.
  • Ask three people who love you to make a commitment to pray for you every day during Urbana. You might have them pray for all the details to run smoothly (e.g., travel, roommates, health, food, etc.) so that you’ll be able to concentrate on the bigger issues, like how God wants to use you to change the world.
  • Soak yourself in the Word as you prepare. Luke will be our text for the conference; many of us have been praying Psalm 91 as well.
  • Know that you are already being prayed for by us, the Urbana prayer team. We’ve been praying for you since last January, and intercessors will be praying all day and night throughout Urbana as well. We can’t wait to welcome you and to see all that God does during the week!

Pray . . . and Then Keep Praying

While you’re at Urbana, take advantage of the opportunities to keep praying and to receive more prayer. A Worship Room, Missional Prayer Room, Prayer Ministry Room, and Lament Room will all be available to you throughout the conference, and prayer ministers will be on hand to pray for and with you—that God would richly bless you, heal you, free you, guide you, and empower you during and after Urbana 12.

Jacci Turner has “prayed her way” to eleven Urbanas. She loves chocolate in all of its manifestations and is a bestselling author.

Visit the Urbana website for additional ways to prepare yourself through journaling, books, and blogs.


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