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Football Players Love Their Angry Neighbors

Jenny Klouse
April 20, 2017

The front page newspaper headline read: “Neighbors Complain About Football Players.” Trash, noise, property damage—all blamed on Mendocino College athletes. The Black football players came from out of state to play ball in this majority White town. And now, just one month into the fall semester, their neighbors were signing a petition to evict them. 

Six months earlier my colleague Troy Tisthammer and I had driven an hour-and-a-half to Mendocino College, located in the small Northern California town of Ukiah, to accomplish our goal of visiting every campus in our area. While there, we met the assistant football coach, who had led some Bible studies for the team, but he was moving out of the area.

He connected us to the head football coach, Frank Espy, who welcomed our partnership in spiritually developing his athletes. Now, here we were six months later in the middle of a controversy between the college and the town! 

Hall of Fame Honors for One Staff Member

Gordon Govier
October 26, 2016

InterVarsity campus minister Colleen Caskey was inducted into the University of Delaware Athletics Hall of Fame at the school’s Homecoming Celebration on Friday, October 28, 2016. She joined nine other inductees, including Super Bowl XLVII MVP quarterback Joe Flacco of the Baltimore Ravens.

Colleen was a leader on her volleyball team as a four-year starter from 2004 to 2007, and a two-year captain. She established several athletic records that still stand, and was named Conference Player of the Year as well as Scholar-Athlete of the Year in 2007, among her many awards.

Giving All The Glory to God

Ben Sturgill, Associate Director, Athletes InterVarsity
September 23, 2016

Top athletes give most of their life to their sport to get the win, the championship, the ring, or, as we recently saw at the Olympics, to stand at the top of the podium. The glory goes to the athlete or team that gives all to the competition and triumphs.

But what about the athletes who give all they have and still aren’t good enough? What nobility is there in defeat? Or what about those who do receive acclamation from excelling but then find that the feelings of fulfillment and satisfaction are fleeting?

This was the experience of the most famous and successful U.S. Olympian, Michael Phelps. During the Olympics we learned that despite his many gold medals and financial rewards, despite the fame and the glory, Phelps contemplated suicide in 2014.

Casting a Wide Net

Gordon Govier
April 3, 2014

The beginning of this year’s indoor track season brought an expansive opportunity for ministry to Mickey Miela, a Campus Staff Member of the new Athletes InterVarsity ministry. Working part-time as an assistant track coach at Assumption College in Worcester, Massachusetts, Mickey was able to make contact with athletes at over a dozen other schools, all attending a non-conference track meet at the Reggie Lewis Center in Boston.

InterVarsity Launches Two New Ministries

January 17, 2014


(St. Louis, MO) – Focused ministries to athletes and artists were launched in a special ceremony that was held during InterVarsity’s National Staff Conference in St. Louis, January 7-11, 2014. Both ministries have been growing steadily from small beginnings and have spread to campuses across the country in the three years since InterVarsity’s last staff conference.

The Power of Community

Kathryn Brill
December 17, 2013

Going it alone as a Christian is difficult.

Without the support of a community to help you grow closer to God and live the Christian life, it can be a discouraging time, especially on a college campus. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (U of I) students Tim Nagel and Justin Sebastian know the power of Christian community to invigorate evangelism, as well as their individual relationships with Jesus. Together, they’ve helped each other reach their spheres of influence and given each other encouragement as brothers in Christ.

Coach of the Year Supports InterVarsity

Gordon Govier
December 16, 2013

A highly regarded football coach picks InterVarsity to share in one of his post-season honors.

Robert Talley of Stonehill College in Easton, Massachusetts was named the NCAA Divisions II and III New England Coach of the Year by New England football writers following his team’s 8-3 record this year. He is also one of five coaches nominated for NCAA Division II 2013 Liberty Mutual Coach of the Year. The Liberty Mutual national award honors coaches who “best exemplify responsibility, integrity, sportsmanship and excellence both on and off the field.”

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