Hope and Healing at Ohio State University

Gordon Govier
December 9, 2016

The day after an angry man crashed his car into a building on the Ohio State University (OSU) campus and attacked students with a knife, InterVarsity students mobilized a compassionate response. They erected a “Wailing Wall” on campus that offered fellow students an opportunity to lament and express their fears and hopes. Students also prayed with those who wanted prayer.

The man, Abdul Razak Ali Artan, was shot and killed by a responding police officer. Eleven students and faculty members were injured in the attack. The campus was on lockdown for just over an hour and classes were called off for the rest of the day.

InterVarsity Supports Religious Freedom

November 30, 2016

For Immediate Release

(Madison, WI) -- InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA, which has over 1,000 student-led chapters on campuses across the U.S., has joined with other Christian campus ministry organizations in a statement denouncing attacks on Muslim student organizations and students and committing to speaking out against future attacks.

“The First Amendment’s guarantee of religious liberty includes all religious individuals and campus organizations,” the statement says. “Every group should be able to exist on campus and express their religious faith without fear.” 

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