UW-Stevens Point

The Deep Call of Ministry

Amy Hauptman
November 5, 2012

When Tim Peterson arrived at UW-Eau Claire in 1981, he wanted to get serious about following Jesus. He had become a Christian in high school but didn’t start to take ownership for his own spiritual growth until he joined the UW-Eau Claire InterVarsity chapter. (Tim claims that this chapter took him “under their wing.”) He eventually became a student leader with InterVarsity and also served on the executive team.

In 1985 Tim graduated, married his fiancee, Tracy, and then accepted a position as a pastoral intern for a local church in Milwaukee. After a year there, Tim needed to make a decision: Did he want to pursue full-time church ministry or did he want to go on staff with InterVarsity?

First call to campus
“It didn’t take me long to decide how much I missed campus ministry work,” said Tim. “By the end of my internship in 1986, I decided to go on staff with InterVarsity.”

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