Interim Ministry - Refocus Your Leadership

We connect talented professionals to meaningful campus ministry opportunities

As a leader, you can help us increase
 our capacity for campus ministry through Interim Ministry. Here’s how.  

While supervisors are recruiting, training, or awaiting the funding of long-term replacements, or for the return of leaders on a sabbatical Interim Ministry Associates provide important leadership for InterVarsity staff teams.  The Interim Ministry Associate serves as either full-time or part-time staff. They are eligible to receive a salary for their ministry and service or they serve on a volunteer basis. Those who are on payroll are expected to raise support for their salary and benefits. Expenses related to the Associate’s ministry are covered by InterVarsity. Some Interim Ministry Associates lead a team that is local to them, others lead distant teams. The ability to travel is required. 

InterVarsity is looking for men and women with leadership experience and the ability to work with teams. Interim Ministry might be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Interim Ministry Associates:

  • Provide leadership to advance the work of the area, division, or region
  • Support staff (pastoral and strategic support)
  • Diminish stress on leaders who would otherwise be double hatting
  • Offer alternate perspectives on the ministry
  • Prepare the area, division, or region for the next long-term leader

What an Interim Ministry Associate does.

In most cases the Interim Ministry Associate is responsible for leading a team of InterVarsity staff, assisting them in their ministry among college students and faculty. They meet individually with InterVarsity staff members and lead team meetings providing direction, encouragement, motivation, problem solving, and guidance with planning. They offer their expertise to help the InterVarsity staff accomplish ministry goals and objectives. Interim leaders provide spiritual leadership through prayer and Scripture. This is done through onsite visits, team meetings, phone calls and virtual means. Depending on the role, the Interim Ministry Associate might meet periodically with other regional leaders that supervise teams for planning and coordinated work. Attending and participating in conferences and similar events is always a possibility.

How long does a ministry assignment last?
Interim Ministry Associates serve for as little as three months or up to one year while a person to fill the role long term is recruited and put in place, or until a leader returns from a sabbatical leave. If both the Associate and InterVarsity desire, consideration can be given to another assignment for the Associate. 

Contact Anne Hong, Director of Interim Ministry with questions or comments.