Jun 24
Creating a Faith Foundation for Life
InterVarsity is about 4 years at college, and also the 40 years that follow.
Jun 9
Poised for Growth in Virginia and Carolinas
InterVarsity creates two new regions and prepares to reach more campuses.
May 16
Tom Lin Named InterVarsity President
Tom will succeed Jim Lundgren on August 10, 2016.

From the Blog

Just Tell Me What I Need to Know: Community After College

It’s Friday night. After a long week, you just want to relax—preferably with a group of friends or even just one. The only problem is that there’s no one to hang out with.

From InterVarsity Press

Rewriting Your Broken Story
Life is often not how we thought it would be. Kenneth Boa shows us how we can make sense of our broken stories by seeing them in the context of a larger and greater story. This perspective gives us purpose, blesses others, and helps us make a lasting mark on the world. When we set our stories within God's greater story, we learn to live with a heavenly perspective.
The Face of Forgiveness
The atoning work of Christ is at the center of Christian thought, yet many followers of Christ often struggle with offering or receiving forgiveness. Distinguishing between shame and guilt, Philip Jamieson reveals weaknesses in traditional Western atonement models and offers several strategies to help Christians understand the fullness of God's forgiving work.


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