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Main Session Speakers

The main sessions at Ambition18 were designed to inspire and equip you for reaching every corner of every campus. Watch them with your friends and pray together about what God is leading you to do next!

Noemi Vega

James Choung

Abner Ramos.

Efrem Smith

Megan Krischke

Linson Daniel

Beau and Kristina Crosetto

Efrem Smith, Closing Message


Students testified to the great work of God on their campuses. See what they had to say and consider what might be possible on your campus.

Moorpark & Santa Ana

Malik Giles

Angel Firme

Student Performance: JD Mercado

Utah State

Jessica Ainsworth

Greenhouse Videos

In the Greenhouse, students record videos of their vision for reaching more students on their campuses. The possibilities are limitless. What new ministry is God inspiring you to start on your campus?

Grand Prize Winner: Briana McKoy and Chloe Butcher

Briana and her partner Chloe Butcher's ministry idea stems from the question, "What happens after #metoo?" Inspired by Jesus' interactions with the Samaritan woman, they created a plan to affirm survivors of sexual assault--that God sees them and desires to heal them from shame.

Lauren Banks and Micah Karr: Northern Arizona University

Lauren and her partner Micah Karr have a vision to care for international students by recruiting Christians to participate in a campus group called iFriends that matches domestic students with international students.

Joe Wonohadidjojo: UCSD

Joe has a heart for the Southeast Asian Community. He was a refugee himself, so he knows the struggle to find places of welcome, and has a deep appreciation for how the welcome of God has transformed his life.

Jason Hultgren: San Jose State University

Jason is a peacemaker at San Jose State University. He has a plan to foster peaceful relationships to bring Christians, Muslims and Jews together to share peace dinners and serve meals to the homeless.

Eloho Obaro-Best, Julio, Harmony: University of Vermont

Three students from varied backgrounds are teaming up to start a ministry for Students of Color that improves student life at the University of Vermont.

Kasey Jimenez: Chapman University

Kasey has a heart for Santa Ana College and the low-income students who go there. She wants to start an InterVarsity chapter there because she believes that community college students matter to God.

Kali Dolios: Cal State Fullerton

Kali believes that God called her to find, see, and honor deaf students on her campus by helping them form and lead a gospel-centered community.

Meryem Udden: University Alaska Fairbanks

The University Alaska Fairbanks is on Athabascan lands. Meryem wants to start a Bible study specifically for Athabascan students.- in hopes that they will one day take it over from her.

Jordan Scott: Jackson State University

As a chapter leader Jordan admitted that for years he has been thinking too small for his campus. The Spirit is catalyzing in him to start 15 small groups this spring. He has been texting people, “What more can you do for InterVarsity?”

Mark Schaupp: Tulane University

Mark notices students "walking a tightrope" of high expectations and high pressure on his campus. He wants to see a campus ministry at all the colleges in his city.

Jesus Flores: Cal State University Fullerton

Jesus wants to see artists on campus using their talents to engage the university with the gospel.

Kyle Loree: Coconino Community College

Kyle is planting an InterVarsity chapter at his community college in Flagstaff, AZ.

Mary Henson: College of Southern Nevada

Mary and David are planting an InterVarsity chapter at the College of Southern Nevada, and want to see all the campuses in that system reached.