Ambition Watch Party

Local Watch Parties at Ambition

At Ambition 21, we're excited about all the digital tools and platforms we'll be able to provide your ministry.  There will be plenty of opportunities for participants to work together and connect with people across our national movement.  But we also know that digital spaces don't replace the human connection we have when we're in person.  So we're offering some resources for hosting local Watch Parties.

First, we want to acknowledge that communities around the country have been affected very differently by COVID-19. Some communities have been significantly impacted while others have had very little impact. You will therefore need to determine what is feasible, advisable, and legal for each situation. When questions arise do not hesitate to reach out to your Staff Worker, Area Director, or Regional Director for guidance.


What do we mean by "Watch Parties"?

Depending on your local safety policies and room capacity, a Watch Party may be a small group of students or faculty meeting in a home, or it may be a whole chapter meeting in a room on campus or nearby church facility.   It's up to you how much of the Ambition program you experience together--it could be just the worship and main sessions, or you could plan to be together for more (or all) of the program.  Watch Parties can add to the overall experience when you have meals together, enjoy breaks and games, worship, pray and debrief sessions together.  Make it fun!

Are there any helpful resources?



Safety first, Watch Party second ?

Wear Your Masks • Wash Your Hands Often • Use Hand Sanitizer • Maintain 6ft Distance • Clean and Disinfect Your Spaces