The Return of Jesus

“Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up?”

Investigative Bible Discussions by Mark Ashton


  • Have you ever ignored a warning? What happened?
  • Read Matt 24:36-25:13

    Note: The leader should also be familiar with the account of Noah in Genesis 6-9.

Discussion Questions

  • What are the parallels between the days of the flood and Jesus’ return? Does this look anything like the days of Noah?
    Note: Jesus is not against eating, drinking and marrying, but going about life without any concern for the things of God.
  • According to what we have learned in previous studies, what will be the criteria for who will be taken and who will be left?
  • Jesus tells 2 stories next – one of a thief and house owner (v. 42-44), and one of a master and servants (v45-51). What is the main point of these 2 stories?
  • What would Jesus want us to be doing when he returns?
  • In biblical times, a man and woman would get engaged and then the man would go to make preparations for their life together (such as building a house and gaining financial stability). After this was accomplished, he would return one night after dark to find his bride and bridesmaids (virgins) for the wedding. How were the 10 women in this story alike? Different?
  • What would be the wise thing to do in awaiting the return of Christ?
  • If Christ returned today, would you be ready?