10 Posts Celebrating a Decade of Christmas

Christmas 2019—we’re fast approaching a milestone, the close of a decade. Right now, social media’s abuzz with swarms of before and after photos bookending the last 10 years. It feels like a time for reflection. Where were you back in 2010? Where has God brought you? How have you grown?

In that same spirit, we’d like to share 10 of the many Christmas posts written on InterVarsity’s blog over the last decade: meditations on Scripture, practical insights, challenging reminders. May we all humbly seek the Lord’s help and strength as we stand on the cusp of a new decade.

Enjoy and merry Christmas!

1. Luke 1 Perspectives Series

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Discover how the opening chapter of the Gospel of Luke mirrors many of our own experiences. Like Elizabeth having to learn to live through seasons of waiting. Or when she and her husband, Zechariah, saw God answer their prayer far more spectacularly than they could have imagined. Or reflecting on the ways God directs and guides us, just like he did with Mary.  

2. Five Ways to De-Stress the Christmas Season

Christmas presents

Christmas can easily become a stressful season of rushing to buy gifts, arranging travel plans, and trying hard not to overlook anything on the calendar. Take a moment to slow down, to learn how you can lower your stress level and better remember the One we’re really celebrating.

3. The Power of Praying the Magnificat Daily

Magnificat Scripture

The Magnificat—Mary’s reaction to hearing she was pregnant with Jesus—has been interpreted through many different lenses for many different purposes. Learn how to engage with it holistically, prayerfully, and see how it can guide your walk with Jesus. 

4. Struggling on Christmas? Jesus Understands

nativity set

From the day he was born, Jesus knew great struggle. Let us come before him, honestly, laying our loss, burdens, disappointments, and frustrations at his feet. Allowing him to remind us that he’s our true source of joy and satisfaction.

5. Buying for Christmas Without Selling Your Soul

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Too easily, the season of giving becomes something else. Read these practical tips on how to give well and thoughtfully without turning Christmas into the season of stuff.

6. A Christmas Truth: Jesus Was Human. And So Are We.

three Magi

The moment Jesus was born—fully God and yet fully human—our grasp of what it means to be human forever changed. Reflect on Christ’s example and his invitation to you to more deeply explore who we are and what we were made to be.

7. Plan Interrupted

balloon being popped

Having a plan can be a good thing, helping us achieve goals, prepare for the future, or develop helpful habits. But sometimes God interrupts our plan, like he did for Mary and Joseph in a major way. Consider how we can grow in moments like this and how the Lord’s at work doing something even greater. 

8. Christmas Is Not for Christians

Christmas light

Take a moment to remember why Jesus came into the world. It wasn’t about giving us an excuse to throw a party. He came to be a light in the darkness, to seek people out, meeting them in their hurt and struggles.

9. Spiritual Disciplines of Advent and Christmas Series

incense and worship

Looking back over the Christmas story, thinking of the Advent season leading up to our celebration of our Savior’s birth, we are given many invitations. To fast from certain activities or food to make more space for God to satisfy us with himself. To remember the incredible ways the Lord has worked in our shared story of redemption as well as personal moments of providence and grace. To pray that we might focus our hearts and minds back on God’s goodness and reign during the hectic holidays. And finally, to worship him for who he is, with the confidence of knowing he will forever be faithful.

10. When “Home for Christmas” Is Hard

person walking into house

Coming home for the holidays can be amazing! It can also be a challenge. You’ve changed. People at home have changed. Receive godly, practical advice to engage with your loved ones.

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