By Adam Jeske

144 Tips on How to Be an Adult (in No Particular Order)

   1. No more futons.
   2. Resist the urgent. Do the important.
   3. Hydrate!
   4. Invest in Febreze.
   5. Find a good church.
   6. Call your mom, dad, and/or other key people.
   7. Seek wisdom in the Bible.
   8. Be an honest person.
   9. Make yourself a budget.
 10. Carry cash.
 11. Rip through those student loans.
 12. Buy great stuff for super cheap at thrift shops.
 13. Put aside something for a rainy day.
 14. Start saving for retirement now.
 15. Give generously.
 16. Support the ministry of InterVarsity at your alma mater.
 17. If you’re late, bring donuts.
 18. Wear earplugs at concerts.
 19. Go to the dentist.
 20. Spend time with people of different ages and backgrounds.
 21. Reply to your emails.
 22. Sheets are like clothes for your bed. Change them occasionally.
 23. Learn to cook.
 24. Use the stove.
 25. Clean the stove after you use it.
 26. Just wash the dishes right away.
 27. Eat organic food soon (it seems to mold faster).
 28. Separate your laundry into whites and darks.
 29. Do not confuse fabric softener or color-safe bleach with laundry detergent.
 30. Change the toilet paper roll. (Hint: it should go over the top.)
 31. Decorate your home with real art with real frames (no more posters and Christmas lights in your living room).
 32. Print out your favorite photos.
 33. Whether you have money or not, give your time to things that matter.
 34. Travel.
 35. Exercise.
 36. Play pranks.
 37. Ask questions.
 38. Keep learning.
 39. Read IVP books.
 40. Apologize quickly.
 41. Forgive others.
 42. Floss.
 43. Buy more socks and underwear.
 44. Iron?
 45. Find a mentor.
 46. Mentor someone.
 47. Lead by serving.
 48. Do things with excellence.
 49. Put down the phone.
 50. Look people in the eye.
 51. Pay attention.
 52. Listen closely.
 53. Hit “Reply all” very judiciously.
 54. Take cookies to your neighbors.
 55. Fill up at a quarter tank.
 56. Honor the rules of the express lane.
 57. Learn how to change a tire.
 58. Change your oil every 3,000 miles.
 59. Get houseplants. Keep them alive.
 60. Invite people over. Cook for them.
 61. Get a crockpot (and use it).
 62. Make plans with people who make you better.
 63. Make plans with people who can’t give you anything in return.
 64. Fail quickly, and learn from your failures.
 65. Don’t be afraid to spend money on things that bring you great joy.
 66. Get a good haircut.
 67. Eat as many vegetables as you can.
 68. Take risks.
 69. If you drink coffee, drink good coffee (this applies to much of life).
 70. Handle crises with grace.
 71. Take responsibility.
 72. Step up.
 73. Spend time with your family.
 74. Be generous toward your friends. (Pick up the check.)
 75. Accept gifts graciously.
 76. Say “thank you.”
 77. Say “you’re welcome.”
 78. Pray without ceasing.
 79. Seek justice.
 80. Walk humbly.
 81. Be kind.
 82. Schedule retreats for yourself.
 83. Use your vacation days.
 84. Commit to a community for the long-term.
 85. Help other people follow Jesus.
 86. Sing loudly.
 87. Follow God’s calling even when it’s hard.
 88. Don’t be afraid of not knowing everything.
 89. Realize the world is big.
 90. Learn a language.
 91. Go see live music.
 92. Just ask him or her out already. (Texts don’t count.)
 93. Learn to have good conversations with people you disagree with.
 94. Invest in real shoes (unless you’re totally SoCal).
 95. Schedule sleep. (The other stuff will be there in the morning.)
 96. Stay informed, and vote.
 97. Tip well.
 98. Practice the Examen.
 99. Do fun things.
100. Learn from people younger than you.
101. “Go placidly amid the noise and haste.”
102. Invite people to follow Jesus.
103. Seek first the kingdom.
104. Don’t be a fool.
105. Live a life worthy of the calling you’ve received.
106. Affirm others’ gifts.
107. Make people around you better.
108. Know that it’s okay to shine.
109. Share.
110. Rethink that tattoo.
111. Keep it simple.
112. Take the time to grieve when necessary.
113. Remember there’s a time for everything.
114. Start traditions.
115. Remember that you’re in this for the long haul.
116. Learn how to wait.
117. Leave a legacy.
118. Honor your parents.
119. Buy real dishes.
120. Write real letters once in a while.
121. Sweep, mop, and vacuum.
122. Tell jokes.
123. Watch documentaries.
124. Stop gossiping.
125. Live your life.
126. Get a hobby.
127. Learn to say no to things.
128. Dream.
129. Learn to sew.
130. Sit up straight.
131. Create stuff.
132. Put things back where you got them.
133. Say what you mean.
134. Turn lights off when you leave a room.
135. Buy quality over quantity (this will save you in the long run).
136. Take care of your stuff.
137. Use vinegar for cleaning.
138. Check the weather before going out. (Please disregard this if you’re totally SoCal.)
139. Don't ask a single person if they’ve found anyone.
140. Don't ask a dating couple when they're getting married.
141. Don't ask a married couple when they're having kids.
142. Ask for help.
143. Eat 3-6 meals per day.
144. Inhale and exhale deeply.

Have a great summer!

Adam Jeske has served in Nicaragua, China, and South Africa and regularly contributes to Relevant. With his wife, Christine Jeske, he has written This Ordinary Adventure: Settling Down Without Settling. He blogstweets, and serves as the Associate Director of Communications for InterVarsity. 

For this piece, Adam was helped by former twentyonehundred productions team member Becky Silva, and several current colleagues. They are all thriving adults.

Image by Matt Kirk.

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On number 58 is great advice to regularly change oil, but oil can actually be changed less frequently than 3,000 :). It saves you money in your pocket and the environment. Follow your manual and you can usually get about 5,000 miles out of an oil change, but always consult your manual first :). The government recommends against 3,000 mile oil changes and the oil change companies only suggest it to make money sadly. I love this post, thank you all.

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