Community and Relationships

By Lisa Rieck

Ziel Machado knows what it means to persevere physically, spiritually, and vocationally. After a crisis of faith in his teenage years, he sensed God calling him to student ministry—and he’s been at it for over thirty years now. 

By Lisa Liou

Imagine if we celebrated 50th anniversaries for church membership the way we celebrate wedding anniversaries. 

By Eric Holmer

Back when I was applying to college I was a naïve pastor’s kid who decided to forgo Christian colleges for a place where it would be something of a “challenge” to be a Christian. Instead, I’d head to the secularized and faithless University of Illinois.

By Grete Bauder

There are only a few of us and if you're one of us you know who you are: 2nd generation InterVarsity staff. (And we prefer "legacy" to "nepotism," thanks.) As a designer with InterVarsity’s media team, twentyonehundred productions...

By Abi Christian
A couple years ago, David Hui and Matt Kirk, two of our videographers in 2100 Productions, completed a side project on fatherhood. Through it, David explores his relationship with his absent father, his role as a dad to two kids, and his knowledge of who God is. The result is a lovely reflection on what it means to call God "Father."
By Gordon Govier

As my high school senior son works on his college applications, we’re discovering that preparing for college takes about as much studying as a college class. And carefully evaluating the options is becoming even more important because the value of the educational product is under new scrutiny.

By Katelin Hansen

Too often, communities of color find it difficult to differentiate between white Christians and white non-Christians when it comes to issues of racial justice.

By Gordon Govier

October is one of the best times to make a campus visit if you’re a high school senior, as you start to get serious about your college choices.

By Adam Jeske

When I arrived on campus for the first time, I had a few places for connecting with Christians: a Lutheran church that a pastor mentioned to me and two campus ministries a friend told me about.


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