By Adam Jeske

This Conference Is Not About You

You will have a lot of fun.

You will experience amazing multicultural worship with 17,999 other people.

You will connect with some of the 250 exhibiting seminaries and mission organizations.

You will enter into the Gospel of Luke through manuscript Bible study.

You will find over 150 seminars related to every aspect of God’s global mission.

You will hear teaching from leaders in the global church in countries like Kenya, Brazil, China, Mexico, Sierra Leone, Haiti, and Thailand.

You will grow as you spend December 27-31 with thousands of other people eager to consider how to use our gifts and skills to join in God’s activity in our world.

You will be better equipped to serve and share the great news of Jesus with your peers back on campus or in your workplace.

You will be able to share and hear ideas in Launch Lab, our new incubator for innovative missions endeavors.

You will have the opportunity to pray in a variety of forms in creative spaces.

You will invest five days in discerning Jesus’ calling on your life, just like over a quarter of a million others have at 22 previous Urbana conferences since 1946.

If you attend Urbana 12, I personally guarantee these things will happen if you let them.

But Urbana is not about you.

Urbana is about people who have never heard the name of Jesus.

Urbana is about people who do not know that their Savior was born 2,000 years ago.

Urbana is about people who dwell in darkness, who need to see the great Light.

Urbana is about righteousness, peace, and joy in the Spirit of God.

Urbana is about laying down our whole lives for God’s global mission, whether we’re living in Cleveland or Kyrgyzstan, whether we’re missionaries or marine biologists.

Urbana is about the Church living as the body of Christ for the good of the world, by the grace of God, for his glory amongst all people and nations.

Urbana is about God’s plan of redemption for people who have really screwed themselves up.

Urbana is about humbly regarding others as better than ourselves, learning as we serve alongside and under indigenous leaders.

Urbana is about people who are vulnerable, who are on the margins—orphans, widows, foreigners, and the poor.

Urbana is about people who need Jesus, right now, and forever and ever.

Urbana is not about you.

Urbana is about them.

Come to Urbana.

Register now and invite others who care about people who need Jesus. Prices go up on Monday (midnight Pacific Time, Nov. 12).

Adam Jeske leads social media for InterVarsity and the Urbana 12 Student Missions Conference. He regularly contributes to Relevant and is the coauthor, with Christine Jeske, of This Ordinary Adventure: Settling Down Without Settling. Connect with him at his blog or follow @adamjeske.

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