By Abi Christian

On Faith, Art, and CyberPsalms

arts studentIn the late 1990s, shortly after computers became fixed household items, poet Edgar Hix wrote the following CyberPsalm for the Student Leadership Journal. It’s a great example of how God can be found in whatever we study and how art can express that in both humorous and serious ways. 




CyberPsalm 3.3

By Edgar Hix

Here is my BIOS, Senior Designer,

my tree, its files

barely better than


I have installed and

tried to uninstall

so much shareware and


downloaded from so many


Only You can debug my .dlls,

correct my paths,

defrag my c: drive.

Here is my system:

all my codes and


all my hidden files.

Optimize me.

Learning to see God’s presence in any field of study takes creativity and a fresh perspective. From June 19-24, InterVarsity students and staff will learn how faith and art intersect at SALT 2011, InterVarsity’s national training conference for those in the arts. Through Bible study and teaching, space to create, and community with other artists, students and staff willwrestle with questions like:

  • “Where does God fit into the dance world?”
  • “What if my church doesn’t care about contemporary art?”
  • “How can I encourage other writers on my campus to walk with God?”


While arts students may carry more instruments than textbooks and have more portfolios than exams, SALT 2011 will give them the tools they need to follow God wherever they are, whether that’s on the stage, behind pottery wheels, or in practice rooms.

Students and staff—want to go to SALT 2011? You can still sign up here.

Watch one art student share how she worships God through her creativity.

Read how you can help other arts students flourish in your chapter.


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