By Gordon Govier

Finding God on Campus

This is commencement season. Many college seniors have graduated in the past few weeks, and “commenced” the next stage in their lives. High school seniors are preparing for ceremonies in the next few weeks and looking ahead to summer vacation. For many of them the next stage is college in the fall.

For Christian high school students and their parents, this next stage is filled with faith-related questions that center on concerns that carefully nurtured faith might somehow fail to survive an encounter with the secular philosophies that abide in academia.

InterVarsity’s 70 years of ministry on campus testify that not only is it possible for faith to survive but actually thrive on campus. Finding Christian fellowship on campus, within the first 72 hours of arrival, is not a survival guarantee but it is one of the best practices recommended in our article, “Choosing a College.”

Reading ahead to prepare for the campus experience is another positive practice. B.J. Carter, an InterVarsity campus staff member in San Diego, has helpfully provided a list of books for incoming college students, many published by InterVarsity Press.

If you know a high school student who is graduating soon and heading to college in the fall, one of the books on B.J’s list would make a great graduation gift. A few words of introduction to campus ministries like InterVarsity would be a thoughtful inscription on any graduation card.

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