By Lisa Rieck

Happy Easter Monday

One day, of course, is much too short to celebrate Easter. In the church calendar, it lasts for fifty days, ending at Pentecost. So we offer you here, for your ongoing Easter reflection, a variety of resources—from friends and scholars, artists and poets—that can help you understand in a new way the significance of the resurrection.



“Glorious Day”
By Kaylyn Myers

there are few people in this world
who understand true sacrifice
what it means to give your life
to pay someone else’s price
but the word was made flesh
to bring peace to earth’s mess
to teach against selfishness
thinking independence is best
but Jesus came to bless
from the heavens above
he loved me in living
giving his life on earth
to those we said had no worth
he put them first
healing those who were hurt
teaching the hope of rebirth
in his spirit
speaking loudly so everyone could hear it
he told us to love our neighbor and our enemy
to give up possessions so we could be free
to plant and water the seeds
meet the sinners’ needs
free the prisoners
reassure the insecure
he lived a life without sin
of what was coming
he saved me in dying
hanging his head and sighing
not even trying
to defy
the lies
of why
he was crucified
it is my sin on that cross
my ransom at his cost
it should be my life that is lost
but he let the father’s will be done
knowing that the battle would soon be won
and after three days
he rose with glorious praise
and said do not be afraid
we’re justified in his resurrection
he’s made the connection
between earth and heaven
given us protection
against any rejection
with his divine perfection
he’s the first and the last
more than all we could ask
we’re freed from sin’s grasp
his death is in the past
he is ALIVE
and therefore we have life
he is risen today
we do not need to be afraid
of the grave
Jesus paved
the way
with his grace
sin has no place
our ransom is paid
our savior is raised
oh glorious day

Kaylyn Myers is a campus staff member for InterVarsity in Maryland.

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