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IFES and InterVarsity, IFES and the world

Tom Lin at IFES World Assembly

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA is just one member of the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students. And IFES is just one organization out of many Christian organizations that are involved in ministry around the world. But the IFES quadrennial World Assembly taking place in Krakow, Poland, this week and next,has the potential to significantly figure in the growth of the Christian faith globally.

“IFES graduates end up in high-level government positions, in influential marketplace roles, and in important faculty roles in universities around the world,” said Tom Lin, InterVarsity’s Vice President for Missions and director of Urbana. “Many IFES graduates from movements around the world go on to serve with indigenous mission agencies and international agencies. They are heavily involved in Lausanne and have leadership roles in organizations like World Vision.”

The Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization, held in Cape Town, South Africa, last October featured participation by many veterans of IFES. In fact many of participants highlighted in the Cape Town 2010 wrap-up documentary, such as Lindsay Brown, Calisto Odede, Hwa Yung, Carver Yu, Os Guinness, Brenda Salter-McNeil, Ramez Atallah, Femi Adeleye, Ajith Fernando, Lindsay Olesberg, and Tim Keller, all have a background in IFES member organizations.

Tom is focusing on and praying for two areas in particular at the World Assembly. The first is global collaborative partnerships.  “We live in a unique time,” he said. “The Global church is growing such that collaborative partnerships are a must. In IFES we are continuing to empower movements as we partner with one another. InterVarsity has many invitations from other movements to come work alongside them. We hope to learn from many other movements. We want to benefit from their expertise and experiences.”

And Tom is listening carefully to the issues that surface during World Assembly.  “The landscape is changing, socially, politically and in missions,” he said. “As the Urbana 12 director, I’m listening especially for what that might mean for Urbana as we get a glimpse of what folks around the world are talking about.”

You can hear the complete six and a half minute audio report from Tom Lin at the World Assembly in Krakow by clicking here.

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