By Gordon Govier

InterVarsity's NBA Rookie of the Year

Jeremy Lin

A year ago InterVarsity’s StudentSoul website featured an interview with Jeremy Lin, a Cousy award finalist who led Harvard to its winningest season ever and later signed with the Golden State Warriors in the NBA. Jeremy credited his involvement with Harvard’s Asian American Christian Fellowship, affiliated with InterVarsity, with keeping him spiritually grounded.

Coming to the NBA from the Ivy League (not known for its sports), as the first Asian -American player since 1947, his rookie season hasn’t been easy but there have been good moments. A fan put together a highlight reel and posted it to YouTube. Jeremy has spent some time with the Warriors’ Reno team in the NBA Development League, but at last check is back with the team.

World magazine, a Christian news weekly, noted that “Lin embodies hope for tens of thousands of Asian-American youngsters.” World also reported that “Lin credits his Christian faith for providing balance amid vocational uncertainty” and providing “the humility to admit that nothing I do on the basketball court will make God love me more.”

As March Madness once again descends on the U.S. college basketball world we would like to acknowledge how much we enjoy the spirit of competition and all that it brings to the life of the campus. And we salute the athletes who show us the value of self-discipline and hard work to achieve their goals.

UPDATE: February 8, 2011

After being released by Golden State late last year, and then picked up and released by Houston, Jeremy landed at the New York Knicks where he is currently igniting a turn-around in the Knicks season. His recent performances have inspired fan accolades, including this You Tube rap.

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