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JCN Shines at INANE

Lippincott Williams & Wilkins publisher Natalie McGroarty and Kathy Schoonover-Shoffner

What is INANE? In this case it doesn’t mean lacking sense or significance. INANE is the International Academy of Nursing Editors, a group of hundreds from all over the world who publish nursing journals. Primarily made up of nurses, Kathy Schoonover-Shoffner, PhD, RN, editor of InterVarsity and Nurses Christian Fellowship’s Journal of Christian Nursing, is a part of the group.

At the annual INANE conference in San Francisco August 2-6, 2011, Kathy had opportunity to be on a panel with two other editors talking about the success of the JCN website, JCN is published in partnership with Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, the largest healthcare publisher in the world with close to 300 journal titles. LWW houses the JCN website on their platform. Kathy explains, “Apparently our web traffic on JCN showed one of the largest increases among LWW’s nursing journals since January 2011, and Lippincott wanted me to share what we are doing to help make this happen.”

Being on the panel created an opportunity to talk about JCN, InterVarsity, and NCF—and Kathy prayed, to “make God look good!” She believes a huge part of why JCN web traffic is increasing is what Linda Kunz and Shelley Soceka in the NCF office at the InterVarsity National Service Center, create on the NCF website, Facebook, and NCF Blog, driving people to JCN. Kathy says, “Their work, along with Cathy Walker, JCN Associate Editor, and my efforts to manage, is being recognized by Lippincott and other nurse editors.”

“We prominently feature NCF and links to NCF, Facebook, and NCF Blog internet pages on our JCN website. We also use Twitter and are gaining followers. This makes people aware of this ministry, and introduces them to an opportunity to discover more about Christ.”

Kathy also helps manage the INANE email listserve, as this serves the group and offers opportunity to interact with people around the world and be a presence for NCF. “I have the InterVarsity logo and ‘World Changers’ vision statement in my emails along with our  NCF and JCN websites, so every time I email, people discover us. We have almost 300 people on the listserve and new members join every day. This week I emailed nurses in Nepal and Ethiopia, along with U.S. nurses!”

In all of this technology, Kathy recognizes God’s grace. “I am very aware that whatever happens to JCN is ‘not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit, says the Lord’ (Zechariah 4:6). God provides for us and promotes JCN out of his generous bounty. Let’s keep praying for God’s grace and favor, thank him for his goodness, and ask him to use JCN to grow his Kingdom.”

JCN is published quarterly and is a rich resource for nurses who want to learn more about the spiritual care of their patients. “Spiritual care is a critical component of holistic, compassionate nursing,” Kathy says. “JCN is committed to helping nurses grow in their understanding of spirituality and ability to provide spiritual care.” Learn more about Journal of Christian Nursing and Nurses Christian Fellowship at www.ncf-jcn.organd

Photo: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins publisher Natalie McGroarty (left) and Kathy Schoonover-Shoffner

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