By Adam Jeske

Josh Garrels Interview: Faith, Art, and Suffering

Josh Garrels speaks like he sings. What comes out of his mouth is lyrical, thoughtful, worthwhile.

I first heard Josh three years ago. Since then, I frequently have his voice in my head as I’m working or biking. His music has gotten into my bones. And I’ve been impressed with Josh’s passion for his craft and his innovative business practices like once giving away his albums and requesting donations to build a studio. 

Last week, I was at InterVarsity’s Price of Life campaign in New York City. During this 10-day, 17-campus event, over 10,000 students were encouraged to fight human trafficking and to consider how Jesus provides real hope to sustain such work.

At the end of the week, Josh shared his music and musings with the students—and with our twentyonehundred productions team. Here’s what he said in our interview with him.

Josh Garrels on Coming to Faith as the Grand Exposure

Josh Garrels on Suffering and Community

Josh Garrels on Faith and Art

Josh Garrels on InterVarsity’s Price of Life Campaign in New York City

Learn more about Josh—and buy some of his excellent music—here

Adam Jeske has served in Nicaragua, China, and South Africa.


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