By Lisa Rieck

Just in Time for Black Friday: FREE Limericks

We think the limerick is a dying art form that needs to be revived. And what better time to do it than Black Friday, when you'll be standing in long lines with nothing to do? So we're inviting you to create your own limericks and post them as comments below. Let us know how you feel about Black Friday, what you love about your favorite Division I NCAA basketball team, why you're excited about Urbana, or what Christmas traditions your family has--in limerick form. The possibilities are endless! Here are a few to inspire you and get the creative juices flowing.


Black Friday’s now Thursday at eight.

What’s next in our consumer fate?

Can we all just agree

not to start things at three?

Then we’ll see what good comes when we wait.


Black Friday’s upon us once more.

One request when you enter a store:

Say a prayer you’ll be wise,

keep your budget, downsize,

so there’s some left to give to the poor.


Beware of the Black Friday trap.

The frenzy can make people snap.

Why don’t you stay home,

write your own little poem,

’Stead of standing in line for cheap crap.


Happy rhyming, friends!

Lisa Rieck is a writer and copyeditor on InterVarsity’s communications team. She worked at InterVarsity Press for over nine years as a proofreader and Bible study editor (and, as it were, resident limerick-writer). She is continually inspired by the beauty of the sky and loves good conversation with family and friends over steaming-hot beverages.

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Noche Buena's the night Cubans rig The grill for a fat, Christmas pig. My family would rather Continue to gather, But my plans post-Christmas are big. It's off to Urbana I go, To trade my warm family for snow. But time in St. Louis Will be special to us. There's something God wants us to know: A call that will push us and drives, A mission that guides and revives For our family's good Blessing our neighborhood. Prepare for the time of your lives!

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