By Barney Lin

My Heart for God’s University

Barney LinMany of you have seen it plastered all over the news. My alma mater, Northwestern, and the university I now serve at, the University of Chicago, have made headlines this year: UChicago students launched an anonymous sex hook-up website for students and Northwestern had an after-class live sex-toy demonstration.

When I think about how the top minds of the next generation are being formed at these institutions, it reminds me how important it is that we bring the message of Jesus to the University. As these students will one day lead families, companies and countries, I keep asking myself the question, “Where will they lead their families, their companies, or their countries to?” Sure, students are full of idealism and great ideas—they want to make a positive impact on the world. But without Jesus, without the Gospel of Grace, what real hope is there for a better tomorrow?

As I meet with students, disciple them, and pastor them, I’m reminded that this is God’s Plan A, how He wants to and will reach the University: through students who follow him. Sometimes it gets discouraging—counseling students and staring at our deep propensity for sin—but He who is in us is greater than he who is in the world!

Looking at the students that made decisions to follow Jesus this spring, I was reminded that the gospel has the power to save—and many will be saved! Might we all be encouraged by the empty grave, for Christ has risen, and He is on the move.

Barney Lin serves as staff in the Asian American InterVarsity chapter at the University of Chicago in Illinois.

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I mean, are sex toys really a sin? Lots of married, loving, Christian couples use sex toys. People who are raising and leading families. The anonymous hook-up culture of our generation is frightening and I agree with your overall message, but I am irked to see sex-toy demos listed alongside anonymous hookup sites as an evil of the world.

I think his point is that it was done as a live demonstration in a classroom, not that sex toys are inherently wrong.

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