By Gordon Govier

New York City Urban Project Targeted by Thief

NYCCollege students’ lives are being transformed during the summer through InterVarsity ministry, as well as during the school year. For example, urban projects led by InterVarsity staff members, are taking place in cities such as New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Fresno, St. Louis, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Oakland, and Washington, DC.

Exciting stories of transformation come out of these urban projects, but the immersion into gritty urban life also confronts harsh realities of our fallen world.

In a story posted on the front page of our website yesterday, Meg Palisoc, the co-founder and CEO of  award-winning Synergy Charter Academy in Los Angeles, explained InterVarsity’s role in the creation of her school: “When I went on InterVarsity’s Chicago Urban Project in the summer of 1995, little did I know that God was preparing me for the rest of my life.” 

Last week Binghamton University’s sports department posted a story on their website reporting on the experience of two of their women soccer players who participated in the New York City Urban Project (NYCUP) during spring break.

NYCUP director Jonathan Walton is a compassionate and creative leader who blogs regularly on the NYCUP website. Upcoming events include the Feed 500 this Saturday, at the Manhattan Bible Church’s Love Kitchen.

But yesterday there was a different story to tell. A thief entered the building where the NYCUP team was staying and made off with electronics, cash, and other valuables.  “There are 28 students and staff, 8 ministry sites, and scores of others that covet your prayers the next 6 weeks,” Jonathan wrote. “Please ask God to be with us. For if He is for us, who can be against us.” There are additional, specific prayer requests and praises to God mentioned, plus an invitation to donate to help cover the financial losses.

Following Jesus, on campus or in the inner city, has great blessings but also great challenges. It’s the same where you are. How do you see God at work in the challenges you face?

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