By Matt Meyer

Out of Control: God at Work in Bosnia

Every summer, InterVarsity staff and students spend several weeks all over the U.S. and the world on a Global Project, a Global Urban Trek, or an Urban Project. In places like Cairo and New York City, Guyana and Bangkok, groups build relationships with other college students or live and serve in urban slums, discovering God’s heart for justice and for people of every ethnicity and culture.

Blog contributor Matt Meyer has been leading a trip in Bosnia, continuing a longtime partnership between InterVarsity and EUS, an International Fellowship of Evangelical Students group doing active ministry in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Here’s a little taste of what he’s been learning.


One of the reasons I love and hate Bosnia is it forces me to come face to face with the uncomfortable and liberating fact that I am not in control. I am weak, limited, and am unable to accomplish much of anything on my own.

Of course as a good staff-worker I give lip-service to this truth when I’m in the U.S. But really, I usually feel comfortable and in control. I mostly know how to do my job, I feel good about my ministry skills, people tend to respond well to me and I’m accustomed to seeing decent “results.”

This is an illusion.

Read the rest at Matt’s blog, Kingdom Intersect.

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