By Abi Christian

Partnering with World Vision

End Malaria World VisionSome of our InterVarsity colleagues met this week with World Vision staff to talk about faith, justice, and how we can work together to equip the next generation of leaders to follow Jesus with their whole lives. Adam Jeske, our associate director of communications, also wrote a guest post for World Vision’s blog titled “But I do not despair” despite the economic and cultural troubles (Lady Gaga for president?) that surround us.

InterVarsity and World Vision have been partnering on campus for some time. This past spring, InterVarsity students at Northern Arizona University and Rhode Island College raised over $3,300 for World Vision’s ACT:S To End Malaria campaign. This campaign gave both InterVarsity chapters opportunities to start spiritual conversations about God’s love for people with students on their campuses.

Kelsey Clark, an InterVarsity Bible study leader at the University at Buffalo led her chapter in raising money for World Vision’s micro-finance program as a way to practice God’s love and to strengthen the chapter’s community. And InterVarsity students at the University of Delaware and University of Illinois partnered with World Vision to raise awareness of human trafficking and AIDS in response to learning about God’s heart for justice.

At the meeting this week, Adam tweeted Rich Stearns’ (President of World Vision USA) reminder of who we serve, “You don’t own InterVarsity and we don’t own World Vision—God owns both.”

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