The Post-College Transition

By Kasey Kimball

In one year, I married off seven friends, left the neighborhood I’d inhabited since my first year of college, moved into a new house with two people who were never home, and lost my mentor when his wife took a job 500 miles away.

By Sabrina Chan

Congratulations on finishing college! I’m excited about the adventure that lies ahead for you. Many things will be changing, of course, but here’s what I want to remind you of: God is with you in the transition. 

By Anthony Moore

How do I get a job? That’s what you want to know, right? And not just any job, but a “real” job! (If you’re like me, you never want to work retail another day of your life.)

By Micheal Hickerson

Increasingly, a bachelor’s degree is only one stage in the college journey, not the final destination. Millions of students will continue their education in graduate school, some seeking a professional degree (e.g., law, education, medicine, business) and others beginning a Ph.D. program.

By Alice Liu

Dear friend, As your InterVarsity staff worker, can I (one last time!) offer you some advice and perspective—a few words of truth that will hopefully help you in the transition you’re about to face?

By Christopher K. Lee

Strong GPA: check. High GRE scores: check. Solid statement of purpose: check. My graduate school applications were nearly complete; all I needed were recommendation letters.

By Helen Troutman

I am not a leader. Or at least that’s what I keep telling myself. The problem is, no one but me seems to believe it. Ever since my staff worker encouraged me to fill out that leadership application at the end of my freshman year, I have been surrounded by people who are constantly calling me to lead stuff.


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