By Debra K. Fileta

I’ve met more than my share of singles who are sitting around, waiting for their soul mate—as though one day, there will be a magical knock on the door and “poof,” their soul mate will be standing on the other side. But I think this philosophy of a “soul mate” has done far more harm than good in our society.

By David Hui
Twentyonehundred Production’s associate producer David Hui offers a personal, powerful glimpse of growing up without a father, becoming a father, and learning to rest in the love of his true Father.
By Sandi Asker

Becoming a full-time mom after my second child was born was not my best season of life. I missed my work as an InterVarsity campus staff worker—a job I loved deeply.

By Keith Sun

As we go deeper in following Jesus, we all at some point enter into a heart-wrenching wrestling match with God in which we repeatedly ask whether he’s truly out for our best interest.

By Sarah Kirk

If it was up to eHarmony, my husband and I would probably still be single. Why? Because in so many ways, my husband and I are not compatible.

By Matt Meyer

The summer after my freshman year of college messed up my life. I had it all planned out. My first year of college had been amazing. I’d made a ton of new friends whom I loved spending time with and I had started dating a girl early in the year. 

By Brittany Small

To the parents of my students, Hi. My name is Brittany. We’ve never met before, but I spend a lot of time with your college student. Actually, I probably spend more time with them than you do during the school year.

By Jeannie Rose Field

When I was in college, my friends and I joked that if someone went on staff with InterVarsity, God would reward this sacrifice by blessing the person with a spouse.

By Adam Jeske

Do you secretly want to have sex with a bunch of your Facebook friends? Too cowardly to have a real relationship, to actually know and be known? Can’t be bothered to commit to love and care for someone? Trying to blow off the relationship (or marriage) you’re in?


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