Spiritual Formation

By Julia Powers

I used to think a leader was someone who knows a lot, talks a lot, and works a lot. 

By Jen Herrmann

I used to do some freelance writing for eHow.com. With one tab open to Google, I wrote article after article of instructions on painting bookshelves and booking hotels in rural Alabama. 

By Joel McReynolds

For several years I’ve been sick with what is best described as a chronic illness. I don’t need to go into the details; suffice it to say that it can be debilitating at times. 

By Willie Krischke

What is peace? We often define it in terms of what it isn’t—as in, it’s the absence of conflict or distraction or anything that makes us feel uncomfortable or disturbed. 

By Jen Herrmann

A friend of mine once went to an evangelism training seminar for campus ministers where they were asked to share the gospel with each other to practice. 


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