Spiritual Formation

By Jennifer Hagin

Less than six months ago I took a sabbatical from InterVarsity staff and went on a pilgrimage to Israel. I have always wanted to have a better understanding of Jewish culture as well as Israeli-Palestinian politics.

By Sandra Van Opstal

When most of us think about serving, we don’t instantly think about mutuality or reciprocity in our service. We have a sense that God has called us to serve others.

By Steve Stuckey

Their droopy eyes told me we were in for a long and listless afternoon. I was studying the Gospel of Mark with a group of fifteen college students at Campus by the Sea.

By Lisa Rieck

A woman I know has a habit of naming her years. Come January 1, she’ll choose a word for the year ahead—something she’d like to be true of the coming months, such as community or adventure or love. If I were to go back and name the past ten years of my life, most of them would share the same few words: Judgment. Guilt. Fear.

By Beth Eckloff-Paz

For a long time I thought that the point of Lent was fasting. But once I actually began to practice fasting during Lent, I came to understand a wonderful paradox.

By Katye Crawford

Recently I’ve had a hard time praying with words. It’s been one of those seasons when words just aren’t enough—they seem trite and uninspired, and they just don’t get at the heart of what I’m trying to say to the Lord.

By Drew Larson

A lot of phrases have been used to describe the blog of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship in the past. Dominant. Other-worldly. Best-ever. Chiseled. 6’8”. Body of a linebacker. Long wingspan. Crazy hops. Freak athle—no, wait, hang on, that’s LeBron James. Never mind. 


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