By Jamie Veeder and Megan Greeley

Students Healed (Miraculously) at Fall Conferences

In a recent Christianity Today article, Tim Safford writes "miracles are so unusual that we stop in wonder. By their rarity, their unusual character they grab our attention . . . [miracles are] a sign that Jesus . . . is on the move in an unusual way: his kingdom, long promised, is breaking in."

These are two stories of miraculous physical healing. Two different students at two separate InterVarsity fall conferences. These are their stories.

Student Healed at Fall Retreat in Kansas

On Friday evening at our fall retreat, we held a time of prayer ministry for students. Nicki, a student at Maple Woods Community College, came to receive prayer. During the course of praying together, Nicki recommitted her life to following Jesus.

This recommitment, of course, is incredibly exciting, but the Lord had a lot more in store.

Nicki has brain damage. As a result, the signals to her left leg were not received, and she walked with a severe limp and could not even stand up straight. She struggled to keep up with the group walking to and from the dining hall.

On Saturday night, I told a story about a friend who was healed from paralysis in college, and at one point, I challenged the group to believe that those stories are for today. After we were having another time of prayer ministry that weekend, Nicki came up and asked for me to pray for her to be healed. So I grabbed Jeb (an InterVarsity ministry intern) and we went to pray for her.

Almost instantly as we prayed, we could see Nicki's leg begin to straighten and her weight shift from the other leg. She began to walk with less of a limp and began to talk about feeling the muscles in her leg strengthen and work.

On Saturday night, Nicki played capture the flag and ran!

Jamie Vedeer is an InterVarsity staff worker and InterVarsity chapter planter.

(This blog post originally appeared under InterVarsity Evangelism's Campus Stories)

Student Healed at Ignite Conference in Los Angeles

On September 8th, 2012, I had a remarkable experience. I went to InterVarsity’s Ignite conference in Los Angeles.

While I was there, I had wanted to ask him for healing for my leg, which was significantly shorter than the other one. I broke it in a ski accident seven years ago, and the bone lost quite a bit of mass when it condensed back together. The fact that I’d also inherited a genetic trait that made one leg naturally shorter than the other didn’t really help. Let’s just say, I picked the wrong leg to break. The difference in length would most likely be a real problem for my back and hips in the long run. But strangely, I felt that my leg wasn't significant enough for me to seriously ask God for healing. I assumed he had better things to do than care for my little burdens. And to be honest, I was afraid of asking and being disappointed.

During the conference, we asked God for spiritual healing, and I enjoyed feeling incredibly close to him and sensing his presence; that was wonderful. And then, when I heard the pastor asking if anyone wanted the gift of healing, I felt the Holy Spirit nudge my heart. It was as if he was saying, “Get up there! Put your trust in me, for I have something amazing to do.” I was reminded of a woman in the Bible who was healed by reaching out to touch Jesus’ robes. She had complete faith that God would heal her, and he did.

And so I did . . . I got up and went forward for prayer. God took my faith to a new level that night, and through the power of the Holy Spirit, he stretched out the bone of my short leg. I could literally feel my leg being stretched. It was probably the most amazing feeling in my life.

My legs are now the same length and my hips are well aligned! Praise God!

If you haven’t known anyone whom God’s done a miracle for, this might be kind of wild for you. It certainly is for me! When I got back to my room, I tried my old orthotics in my shoe, just to see if the healing was truly real. The orthotics that used to help now threw me off-balance. I don’t need them anymore.

Before God healed me, it was easy for me to say that God could do anything, because that’s what the Bible teaches, but it hadn’t really taken on its full meaning. This experience proved to me, undoubtedly, that God transcends what we think is possible. He created nature and is therefore in control of it.

This miracle also proved to me that God is not dead in our world today. I’d read stories about Jesus healing blind men, lepers, cripples, but doubted that God would ever do that sort of healing here and now. But he does.

I remember Jesus once asking when he healed a lame man, “Which is easier: to say, ‘Your sins are forgiven,’ or to say, ‘Get up and walk’?” (Luke 5:23). In my eyes, miracles assure us that he has the power to heal our physical and spiritual needs and that he loves us so much. We serve a great God!

Megan Greeley is a student at Scripps College. Both Megan’s parents and staff worker are shocked and amazed regarding Megan’s healing. They remain in awe and give God all the glory.


*Healing prayer request for Beenish Orr* Dear Prayer Partners I am Hammad Masood and i live in Lahore, Pakistan. I would like to request a special healing request for my sister, Beenish Orr, she lives in CT, USA. She graduated from UConn Dental school last May and started her practice as a Dental Resident a few months ago. She has little kids ( Arron and Shayna ) and Husband name is Samuel Orr. Beenish is very ill for the last three weeks, Yesterday she was admitted to Yale Hospital in CT, USA for the third time in three weeks. She is suffering from chronic Migraine headaches, her MRI has detected a cyst, also her liver is not functioning properly due to hard medications. Please pray for her, we have a firm faith in Jesus and He will heal her completely, we are praying fervently for her and many prayers are needed to cast away any evil spells and devils work. Our God is almighty and he loves us all. Thank you very much. Many blessings

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