By Greg Jao

Urbana 12 Anniversary Book of the Day #1

One year ago tonight, emcee Greg Jao donned his Santa hat and recommended to you the first Book of the Day of Urbana 12. We know that you've missed Greg, and that you've probably just about gotten through all the books you bought at Urbana. Which means you need something else to read.

We just happen to have some recommendations. And, for you, readers, a 30% discount from InterVarsity Press on each of the six books Greg will talk about on the blog this week. They're books that will help you grow in theology, mission, and faith as you continue to seek God's calling on your life. (Note: Santa hat not included.)

Click here for your 30% discount on Delighting in the Trinity. And check our blog over the next five days to hear all of Greg's Book of the Day recommendations.

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