By Lisa Rieck

Urbana Books of the Day: Not $5 but Free!

One month ago today, 16,000 of us were pondering Calisto Odede’s insight into Luke, lunching at local St. Louis restaurants, talking to leaders from hundreds of missions organizations, and . . . listening to Greg Jao wax eloquent one last time about Urbana Books of the Day. (Pause for happy sighs.)

If you couldn’t come to Urbana, we want you to know that God still has specific plans for you—your passions and skills and gifts and knowledge—in helping bring his kingdom to earth throughout the world. And the Urbana Books of the Day from InterVarsity Press can be pretty fantastic resources in your discernment process as you seek God about your role in his global mission.

And we’d like to give them to you for free. (Pause for gasps of gratitude and tears of joy.) The only sadness is that Greg will not be able to come to your house to personally recommend them. For that, you’ll have to watch the video.

Here’s what one fortunate winner will receive:

  • Western Christians in God’s Global Mission by Paul Borthwick: Paul, a longtime missions guru, helps you understand how missions has changed over the years. Whereas Western countries used to send missionaries out to other countries, they’re now the target for missionaries from non-Western nations. He offers an inspiring look at the new, better role North America can play as a partner to the dynamic missions efforts happening all over the world. It will broaden, correct, and inspire your perspective on God’s global mission.
  • Go and Do by Don Everts: As a former InterVarsity staffworker, Don particularly loves college students and people who haven’t yet met Jesus. He also loves taking risks for God and seeing his justice done on earth. This very down-to-earth read will help you join God’s mission today, right where you are, with the people you know.
  • The Dangerous Act of Worship by Mark Labberton: Mark is a professor who helps students see and live the connections between worship, preaching, and justice, as well as a senior fellow of the International Justice Mission. All of that means he’s written a very authentic, prophetic book on the ways that right worship leads to God’s justice being done on earth. If you are someone who worships Jesus, you’ll want to read it.
  • Making All Things New by R. York Moore: God, if you didn’t know, has a dream. A vision, actually—one that’s he’s making a reality. Through people like York, the national evangelist for InterVarsity and a modern-day abolitionist, he’s freeing slaves, breaking down idols, healing the abused, and providing loving care for orphans. He has plans for you too, just FYI. Read about them in York’s book.
  • Real Life by James Choung: First James brought you a drawable, napkin-sized picture of a holistic gospel. Now he offers a picture of the different stages of real, on-the-ground discipleship. And, similar to True Story, he does it through a fictional narrative that helps you envision the process in your own life, and in the lives of people you know. Clearly, you need to add his newest book to your ministry reading list.
  • Small Things with Great Love by Margot Starbuck: This book is about changing the world—specifically, your piece of the world. It’s for anyone who really does think Jesus was serious when he said we’re to love our neighbors like we love ourselves. And it’s written as only Margot could write it: simultaneously witty, entertaining, challenging, and encouraging. Jesus gave the invitation; here’s the on-ramp to adventures in loving your neighbors.
  • What Jesus Started by Steve Addison: It’s hard to wrap our finite minds around all that Jesus started in his time on earth. But millions of us today are living out the same movement he birthed with twelve rag-tag men a couple thousand years ago. And gatherings of 16,000-plus people like Urbana exist only because of Jesus and because of the mission he’s on—the same one he was on when he walked the earth. Steve will help you see the scope of that movement, and your role in it.
  • The Urbana Onward series: Pursuing God’s Call by Tom Lin; Deepening the Soul for Justice by Bethany H. Hoang; Spiritual Warfare in Mission by Mary Anne and Jack Voelkel; Partnering with the Global Church by Nikki A. Toyama-Szeto and Femi B. Adeleye; Your Mind’s Mission by Greg Jao; The Mission of Worship by Sandra Van Opstal. These brief, targeted resources help you reflect more deeply on themes from Urbana so that you can continue to discern what God’s calling you to. Consider them really good food for thought for your post-Urbana feast.

If you’re not feeling inspired enough already, we want to invite you all to post your favorite past or present Urbana Book of the Day on our Facebook page (and, if you’re feeling inclined to be useful, a phrase or sentence explaining why the book has been so powerful to you). It’ll be a virtual library of world-changing goodness!

But, I hear you asking, what about the free part? How can I win this fabulous, world-changing package of books? I’m glad you asked.

Whether you’re an Urbana attendee who didn’t have room in your suitcase for any of the Books of the Day or someone who wasn’t able to attend at all, simply send me an email with the subject “Book of the Day.” (If you’re feeling inclined to be friendly, you can also say hi.) Whoever sends the twelfth email (because everything good starts with 12) will win the IVP Book of the Day package.

And don’t worry—if you don’t happen to win, you can buy any and all of these books for a pretty sweet deal at the Urbana Bookstore website.

Happy reading, world-changing friends.

Lisa Rieck is a writer and copyeditor on InterVarsity’s communications team. She worked at InterVarsity Press for over nine years as a proofreader and Bible study editor (and, as it were, resident limerick-writer). She is continually inspired by the beauty of the sky and loves good conversation with family and friends over steaming-hot beverages.

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