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Jason Gaboury

Do you ever wish the church would stop fighting about sex and politics? Me too. 

The Anglican tradition emerged in the midst of these social dynamics. There was conflict between Pope Clement VII and Henry VIII. Influential theologians were wrestling through Luther’s and Calvin’s articulations of faith. There were diverse and indigenous Christian expressions throughout England. What do you do when political life becomes toxic and unstable, when basic assumptions are shifting dramatically, and you long to be faithful to Jesus? 

By Colleen Degen

For those unfamiliar with Catholicism and its beliefs, it may seem complicated, antiquated, and full of ritual. But, having been raised in the Catholic Church, I recognize the ways I have been formed by its teachings and its history, and see ways that it has much to offer the broader Church.

By Chandra Crane

Presbyterians aren’t usually seen as being the life of the party. But I am grateful for the ways the gospel is preached, in all its nuance and life-giving truth, at my Presbyterian church in Jackson, Mississippi. 

By Drew Larson

Aren’t you a little curious what similarities and passions you might share with your neighbors in the faith? Crack open the door of your tradition and peek behind some of the others by reading first-person reflections from a selection of denominations and traditions.

By Christopher K. Lee

The greatest challenge to our evangelism isn’t a hedonistic culture or a relativistic worldview. Nor is it scientific reasoning or religious pluralism. It’s our own faithless witness.

By Lisa Rieck

What do we do with disappointment? What do we do when there’s a gap between what we wanted or expected and what actually happens? Even more, what do we do with God in the face of disappointment?


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