You’re in the waiting room, way past the point of enjoying cell phone games, YouTube, or social media. People watching, thumbing through dusty magazines, pretending to be interested in the talk show playing in the background—they’ve all become stale distractions too.

You’ve agonized about going up to the secretary to see how much longer you’ll be stuck here. But you don’t want to be that person. So you wait and wait and wait. Finally, you don’t care anymore. You become that person. The secretary offers a tight smile and assures you that it’ll just be a few more minutes. You sit down. You wait. Nothing. You sigh, take a deep breath, uncross your arms. And then you wait some more . . . till you feel like kicking and screaming like the two-year-old who left an hour ago!

That pretty much sums up my latest season of job hunting. While much of my time was spent being impatient and restless, I realized a few things along the way:

By Brenda Jo Wong

“Do you want to go to Hawai`i?” Assuming that my boss was asking about a supervisory visit to Hawai`i, I eagerly said yes. Then she explained that she was asking me to help replant InterVarsity’s ministry because there were only two students left. 

By Anne McCracken

"It was the beginning of learning to let him be in charge of our prayer times together, learning to let Him speak, and learning to really listen and hear his voice."

By Stephanie Fredrick

Summer is great. But being out of your normal routine can make staying connected to your faith a little difficult. Here are three resources to keep your quiet times strong.

By Andrew McCarty

So many of us get so riled up by “disagreeable” news outlets and opponents we deem as biased in all the wrong ways--but what how do we read or hear the news with love, humility, and patience? 

By Kelly Aalseth

When we have completed our assignments or poured our lives out, we are given the grace to put our full weight onto the arms of God and allow ourselves to be carried into a season of recovery and rest. Here are a few reasons why I think it's difficult to allow ourselves to rest and receive deep replenishment after we've drained all our energy.



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