Wondering where you’re going to belong on campus? Come join a community that’s here for you.

Real Community

In small groups you’ll find people who genuinely want to know who you are.

Real Truth

By asking the tough questions of the Bible you’ll discover the truth of the gospel.

Real Hope

And in the gospel, you’ll meet Jesus - the reason for why we can hope in this broken world.


Join a community that’s here for you

InterVarsity is a community from all parts of campus who ask the big questions together, read the Bible and talk about what it really means, and try to love our friends and other students as much as Jesus does.

Get connected to InterVarsity. Let us know a little about yourself and we can help connect you.

What you'll find

Together, we’re going to discover God’s call to act justly, love mercy and walk humbly.

We want to bring justice to a broken world and say, “I may not be the same race or ethnicity as you, but I’m here for you––to learn from you and support you.”

We want to share the love of Jesus with our friends and say, “Jesus is here for you, no matter what you’ve done or what you’re going through.”

We want to become who God made us to be and say, “Jesus, with our whole lives, we’re here on campus for you.”  

Meet one of our leaders

Hi, I'm Olyumpia! I'm currently studying to become a Registered Nurse. A couple goals of mine are to work on overseas missions as a nurse and to teach future nurses. For me, InterVarsity is a communal space to easily bond with others while discussing Jesus and faith. I am so excited to meet new students, support them in their walk with faith, and as well their academics because God wants us to be fruitful in wisdom and in success. We have new groups forming this fall to connect every corner of campus including nurses, dorms, grad students, black students and more.