The Greenhouse can become an integral part of any conference--turning it into an apostolic (sending) opportunity. It helps students develop their vision, partners, and plans for reaching any people-group or "corner" of your campus. These resources were adapted from Ambition18 for your use. For more advice about how to set up Greenhouse spaces in your area, contact us at



The Greenhouse canvases are worksheets designed to help any student launch their ministry on campus. They are meant to be used in order: VISION, PLANS and MULTIPLY. They are also meant to be coached--there are many parts that require input and practical steps--so we highly recommend you combine coaching as you use these canvases.

Coaching Guide:

This resource is helpful for anyone serving as a coach, whether it’s in a Greenhouse space at a conference or simply meeting with a student on campus.

Encounter Rooms:

We plant new ministry in response to God’s voice speaking to us. An Encounter room is a space that is devoted to hearing from God. This resource can be used to help orient both the hosts and the students in an Encounter room.

Post-Ambition Ideas:

Make the most of your Ambition18 experience with these follow-up ideas. For students, staff and regional leaders.

Ambition Handbook:

This handy resource is great for giving anyone a quick training in basic planting skills. Keep it on your phone or laptop for quick reference and sharing!