Heroes on Campus

InterVarsity Campus Staff Ministers are heroes on campus (and online now due to COVID-19!). But some need your help to be sent. You can be a hero’s hero today.

Be a hero’s hero by giving toward our goal of $200,000 to help 50 underfunded Campus Staff Ministers be sent boldly to the campus mission field.

Made for Ministry

"I will do this job forever" InterVarsity Campus Staff Minister Derekah Kingery says with a smile. From her passion for inviting students to explore Scripture, to her gift of seeing their potential and mentoring them through trials, God made her for this ministry.

Derekah’s journey to staff began when she was an student attending a Bible study leader training one summer. She lamented that her school, Millikin University in Decatur, Illinois, had no full-time InterVarsity Campus Staff Minister––someone to teach her fellow students how to implement these new methods she was learning.

“Very clearly, I heard God saying, ‘You’re going to be that someone,’” she said.

For the past four years, Derekah has done exactly that, guiding and discipling students at Millikin. The foundation of her ministry is her dedication to being an incarnational witness. She loves getting to hear students’ stories and struggles and being able to offer hope and wisdom.

“It’s not uncommon to see Derekah talking to students in her ‘office,’ Common Grounds Coffee Shop on campus,” said Hannah W., Millikin InterVarsity sophomore. “Derekah helped me become passionate about demonstrating Christ’s love through meeting people’s tangible needs first, as opposed to ‘only’ presenting the gospel to them.”

But for most of her time on staff, Derekah’s ability to be incarnational was limited because she had to spend 16 hours a week fundraising. While she appreciated the chance to share her ministry with others, she knew she was missing opportunities to reach more corners of campus. She simply didn’t have time and energy for everything.

That changed last fall when Derekah received a Strategic Staff Grant. Thanks to the generosity of strangers, along with the commitment of her ministry partners, Derekah could finally serve on campus full-time. She also was able to take on new opportunities beyond Millikin, like serving as the director and speaker of a regional Black Campus Ministries conference.

Best of all, her students, who were praying for her funding, were also able to see and celebrate God’s faithfulness at work.

“I was very blessed. I felt seen for the work that I do,” she said. “As much of myself that I put into InterVarsity and this ministry, it was really good to experience being invested in as well.”


InterVarsity’s fiscal year ends on June 30th. Your generosity fills the funding gaps for our staff on the front lines of ministry, through whom you are helping reach every corner of every campus with the real hope of Jesus Christ.









Staff Heroes Need a Hero

InterVarsity Campus Staff Ministers stepped up in a big way this spring semester, heroically ministering to students and faculty digitally, through disruptions on campus and in their own lives caused by COVID-19.

Will you step up in a big way for our staff heroes who have limited financial networks to ensure they are funded and able to meet whatever challenges face them this fall?

Be a hero’s hero by giving toward our goal of $200,000 by June 30 to help fully fund 50 Campus Staff Ministers so they can be sent boldly to the campus mission field. 

Danny is a campus hero at Mizzou

Why do staff raise ministry support?

Though it looks different today, we see fundraising throughout scripture as the people of God giving their resources to advance the Lord’s ministry. Fundraising is a way to share our ministry’s vision and invite others into our mission.

What happens when staff are not fully funded?

When staff are not fully funded, they cannot receive a full-time salary and so cannot be on campus full time. This means that their students are without a staff to lead them, support them, guide them, and disciple them.

Why do staff struggle to be fully funded?

Many staff come from cultures, family situations, or communities that lack financial resources or are not familiar with missionary fundraising models. For staff who became believers during college, they often do not have an extensive Christian network that can help them reach their full budget.

How does InterVarsity help staff thrive?

InterVarsity equips all staff with foundational Biblical teaching, prayer, innovative fundraising training, coaching, and resources. InterVarsity also raises money nationally for Strategic Staff Grants that are distributed to staff with limited financial networks.

An organization you can trust

InterVarsity pledges financial accountability through our charter membership in the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA). The ECFA seal assures donors that their gifts will always be used appropriately for InterVarsity’s ministry. We also maintain a 100 percent score in Accountability and Transparency by Charity Navigator, the most-utilized evaluator of charitable organizations in the United States. To find read more about InterVarsity's financial information, click the icons shown.