Campus Opportunities

InterVarsity fellowships exist on college and university campuses throughout the nation. The makeup of each group is dynamically different based on the region, the student body and the campus staff who work there. What draws these groups together is their common desire to participate with God in transforming lives.

InterVarsity is a donor-supported ministry and as such, our campus staff members raise full financial support. Most campus staff have a standard position description.

Below are links to our various campus ministries. Opportunities for campus staff exist nationwide. Please contact us to find out about specific openings in your area.

Is God calling you?

Undergraduate and Faculty Ministries Open Positions

Graduate and Faculty Ministries Open Positions

Focused Ministries

In addition our general ministries among undergraduates, graduate students and faculty, InterVarsity conducts work with affinity groups on many campuses.

Arts Ministry

For more information about InterVarsity's work among arts students, contact Henry Lucey-Lee at the Arts Ministry

Asian American Ministry

If you are Asian American and/or have special interest in ministry to 2nd to 4th generation Asian American students, contact Sabrina Chan, Asian American Ministry Director.

Athletes InterVarsity

For information about our work among student athletes, contact Maghan Perez, Athletes InterVarsity Director.

Black Campus Ministries

If you are Black or African American and/or have special interest in ministry to Black and African American students, contact Shaylen Hardy, Black Campus Ministries Director.

Faculty Ministry

For general information about ministry among faculty, contact Nan Schilling.

Greek InterVarsity

For more information about opportunities working with fraternity and sorority students, contact Brian Mann.

International Student Ministries

For information about opportunities with International students and scholars, contact Brian Hart.

LaFe Ministries

If you are Latino and/or have special interest in ministry to Latino students, contact Orlando Crespo, LaFe Director.

Law School Ministry Campus Staff

For more information about this position, contact Mike Schutt.

MBA Ministry Campus Staff

For more information about this position, contact Mark Washington.

Nurses Christian Fellowship

For more information about opportunities, contact Nurses Christian Fellowship.


InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA is both an equal opportunity employer and a faith-based religious organization. We conduct hiring without regard to race, color, ancestry, national origin, citizenship, age, sex, marital status, parental status, membership in any labor organization, political ideology, or disability of an otherwise qualified individual. The status of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA as an equal opportunity employer does not prevent the organization from hiring staff based on their religious beliefs so that all staff share the same religious commitment.

Pursuant to the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Section 702 (42 U.S.C. 2000e 1(a)) InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA has the right to, and does, hire only candidates who agree with InterVarsity’s Statement of Agreement: Purpose and Doctrinal Basis.