National Positions

InterVarsity fellowships can be found on college and university campuses throughout the nation. Our vision is to see students and faculty transformed, campuses renewed, and world changers developed.

In addition to our undergraduate and graduate campus-based ministerial positions, we also have a number positions that serve the whole organization. Most of these positions are held in our National Office (also known as the National Service Center) in beautiful Madison, WI. We also have some national positions that can be held remotely, which are indicated in the title of the post.

Please email us at with any questions.

Donor Services Support (Seasonal/On Call)
Chapter Planting
Chapter Planting Managing Editor
Communications & Marketing
Digital Services Web Developer
Social Media Coordinator & Writer
Video Producer
Director of Philanthropy - Eastern US
Director of Philanthropy - Western US
Discipleship and Growth
National Ministry Coach (Internal Only, Remote)
Diversity Training Coordinator (Internal Only, Remote)
National Director of Diversity (Remote)
Estate & Gift Planning
Administrative Assistant - Planned Giving
Administrative Assistant II (Evangelism)
Executive Office
Executive Office Internship
Operations Director - Executive Office
Financial Services
Financial Planning and Analysis Manager
Focused Ministries
Communications & Operations Director, Focused Ministries
Graduate & Faculty Ministries National Directors
National Director of Law Student Ministry (Internal preferred, Remote)
Human Resources
Human Resources Coordinator
Learning & Talent
Breakthrough Events Coordinator
National Director of Digital Learning
Regional Communications Manager
Ministry Partnership Development
National MPD Coach (Remote)
Multiethnic Initiatives
Administrative Assistant - Multiethnic Initiatives & Creative Labs
Field Operations Director I
Program Management Office
Project Manager
Spiritual Foundations
Assistant Director of Intercessory Prayer (INTERNAL ONLY)
Data Quality Assurance Analyst
Urbana 22
Communications Coordinator- Urbana 22
Communications Manager- External- Urbana 22
Communications Manager- Internal- Urbana 22
Program Coordinator - Urbana 22

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA is both an equal opportunity employer and a faith-based religious organization. We conduct hiring without regard to race, color, ancestry, national origin, citizenship, age, sex, marital status, parental status, membership in any labor organization, political ideology, or disability of an otherwise qualified individual. The status of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA as an equal opportunity employer does not prevent the organization from hiring staff based on their religious beliefs so that all staff share the same religious commitment.

Pursuant to the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Section 702 (42 U.S.C. 2000e 1(a)) InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA has the right to, and does, hire only candidates who agree with InterVarsity’s Statement of Agreement: Purpose and Doctrinal Basis.