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I Joined InterVarsity

InterVarsity chapters make big campuses feel small. Our campus communities are places where you can meet people from every walk of life, and make friends to last a lifetime.

"With this group of friends I made, there was so much laughter, joy, and love–it was great. We’re growing together, teaching each other, and reaching the campus."

I Made Friends

"I don’t know if we’ll study the Bible in heaven, but if we do InterVarsity has given me an idea of how fun it will be."

With our Communal Discovery method of Bible study, you’ll ask big questions about God and faith in a welcoming group of fellow students. You’ll learn hands-on techniques that make reading the Bible interesting, accessible, and – it’s true – fun.

I Asked Hard Questions

"I know God put me here for a reason. He called me to be a leader on campus and showed me that following Christ is more rewarding than anything else."

You want a life of meaning and significance. InterVarsity programs – like mission trips, leadership trainings, and mentoring – help you unlock your full potential to impact the campus and the world.

I Found My Purpose

InterVarsity immerses students like you in diverse community, equips you to answer the big questions about life, and helps you find your purpose. 

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