Bible Study

I do not call anyone else my creator or my shepherd, but I do have plenty of friends. It would be no life-changing event to add God to the list. There is no mystery. But God defines friend differently.

One great love in your life is not enough. We need more, particularly if we are going to lead a good life. We need at least four great loves.

The Incarnation is infinitely more mysterious than balancing on one finger atop a basketball. As miracles go, the Incarnation is stunning, unexplainable.

The gospel of Christ is a humbling message, for it offers us nothing in which to boast of our own strength, will, or goodness.

About 230 students from five schools in southern California spent their spring breaks at Campus By the Sea (CBS), an InterVarsity Training Camp, for Mark by the Sea, a concentrated inductive Bible study of Mark.

Students at Lehigh University are responding to Jesus and discovering that it's worth the effort


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