Campus Ministry

This calendar offers an idea of the opportunities available to continue your support of InterVarsity in your area and across the country. These events offer opportunities for volunteering and for prayer.

Don Everts, an Area Director and an InterVarsity Press author, reflects on Romans 1:16, the theme of InterVarsity's Staff Conference next January.
Students at UT-Pan American, both men and women, have a frank discussion about body image
What is it like for the newbies who hug their parents goodbye in the dorm parking lot, square their shoulders, and turn to face a lifetime's worth of choices, questions, and opportunities compressed within the space of four years?

InterVarsity chapters around the country prepare themselves every fall for the new influx of students, ready to gather them into their communities. Just like the changing of the seasons, incoming freshman bring new things for us to enjoy about them. Like the colorful leaves of fall, they are vibrant — they are ready for adventure and open to new experiences.

Students at American colleges and universities seem to be growing more and more interested in spirituality. An openness to spirituality does not necessarily correspond with an openness to Christian faith, but it does present an opportunity for InterVarsity's ministry on campus.


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