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Ohio State University abounds in diversity. It's the largest university campus in the country. And figuring out how to engage diversity among 55,000 students has been a challenge for InterVarsity's team leader on campus, Ram Sridharan.

God never meant for Christian faith to discard intellect. Jesus calls us to use our whole heart, soul, and mind in living out our devotion to Him. When Christians use their mind well, they glorify the Creator of that mind, and they contribute a Christ-like perspective to the world of scholarship. Part of InterVarsity's vision to renew the campus takes into account not only the heart and soul of students and faculty on campus but their academic studies as well.

One changed freshman inspires InterVarsity students to be missional families on campus

InterVarsity does more than call students and faculty to a relationship with God; we prepare them to be mature, witnessing Christians who will serve people in the name of Jesus.

Greg Johnson is an InterVarsity team leader on campus at Rhode Island's Brown University campus. He's working with a chapter of about 45 students to help them move from being self-protective about their Christian faith to becoming missional and more focused on others than themselves.

Mac resisted the idea of going on staff with InterVarsity. Having to raise his support and Amy's financial support presented a big hurdle, as it is for many couples who are in ministry with InterVarsity. But as he worked with Amy on campus as a volunteer Bible study leader, he found it harder and harder to resist the call to campus ministry.

There are few things in life that excite me more than the planting of new InterVarsity chapters. I love the fact that mission-focused risk-taking staff are taking the Gospel to new groups of students and faculty across the nation.

A record 18.4 million college and university students are beginning classes on campuses across the country as a new school year gets underway. InterVarsity Christian Fellowship staff members are sharing the gospel with these students.


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