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InterVarsity area director Josh Bilhorn sets his priorities, makes his plans and follows through

InterVarsity Bible studies led Jen to a new vision for her life, serving others in the name of Jesus

Columbia College's InterVarsity chapter has taken to heart its new vision to reach their Chicago campus.

This month students at colleges and universities throughout the United States are walking toward new classes and new experiences that will change their lives.

New freshmen make decisions during their first weeks on campus that can have a major impact for years, including which groups to join, which new friends to spend time with, and how they will use free time.

My call to the student world has been a lifelong call. I am still excited by working out strategies on how we can be more effective in bringing the gospel to this generation of students and faculty.

The Red River region had a 26 percent increase in the number of students at camp. How we wish you could have witnessed the amazing ethnic diversity of our students worshiping together -- Chinese, Pilipino, Latino, Black, White, Native-American, Middle Eastern, South Asian and others. What a great reflection of the Rev. 7:9 portrait of God's people.


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