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The assistant news editor of The Spectrum, at the University at Buffalo, wrote a column to share how InterVarsity has enriched her collegiate lifestyle.

For more than 60 years, students have become world changers through InterVarsity's Urbana student missions conferences. The next price deadline is October 17th. If you know someone who might consider attending Urbana 09, forward them this video. Or post it on your Facebook page.

Every summer, college students from across the country converge on Greensboro's Glenwood community to be a part of GUPY, InterVarsity's Greensboro Urban Project Y'all.

We greatly appreciate your interest in InterVarsity and your support for our ministry. We are very careful about the amount of email we send to you. Earlier this week we sent you a newsletter with bad links. Due to a technical problem with our email provider, the links did not work properly. We apologize for the error and are resending the email with proper links. Thank you for your patience.

Performing a skill with excellence requires preparation. That includes skills for campus ministry. InterVarsity's annual Orientation for New Staff prepares women and men for ministry on campus.

The current economic crisis is squeezing InterVarsity, just as it is squeezing most ministries. But our ministry on college campuses continues, and our ministry model seems to be weathering the crisis well. InterVarsity was featured in the cover story for the current May issue of Christianity Today.

What's Urbana Like? A look back at Urbana 06, InterVarsity's most recent student missions convention.


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