By Teresa Buschur

Exploring the Bible Together

InterVarsity seeks to offer students support as they search for answers to their questions about faith. Two freshmen are trying to understand the Bible. David, a student from California, desires a better understanding of the Word of God. Chris, a student from Minnesota, wonders how much of the truth of God’s Word applies to his life.

David attends California State University-Chico, and signed a petition for InterVarsity to be recognized as a campus club. David had always believed in a higher power, although he felt he had never experienced God in a personal way.

David attended InterVarsity’s Luau party one weekend. That night when he went back to his dorm, he prayed for God to send him someone to “show him the way,” because he was confused about his religious beliefs and was trying to determine if and how God fit into his life. “I’ve always been confused about the parable of the Lost Son in Luke 15. Would you study it with me?” David asked Aaron Wun, Campus InterVarsity Staff member. As they studied God’s Word and discussed eternal life and salvation through Jesus Christ, David began to realize that maybe he could trust his heavenly Father.

A few days later, Aaron stopped by David’s room to chat. He found David in the room across the hall with another seeking student who had attended their Bible discussion. David shared with Aaron how he was struggling in his relationship with his earthly father. It seemed God was opening David’s heart to be reconciled to both his earthly father and his heavenly father.

As David told Aaron about his relationship with his earthly father, Aaron offered to pray for him. David thought that maybe God had sent Aaron to ‘show him the way.’ David offered a prayer of thanksgiving to God for sending Aaron to listen and help him.

After Aaron and David prayed together, David said, “I can honestly say now that I don’t doubt my salvation anymore.”

“Do you know what that means?” Aaron asked him.

“I’ve been reborn.” David replied.

David continues to attend the Bible study he initiated and also attends InterVarsity’s Large Group worship meetings weekly on campus. David is also reaching out to the students in his dorm and inviting them to come investigate Jesus.

David had questions about the Gospel of Luke in the Bible; but Chris, a student at Bemidji State University in Minnesota questioned whether he could trust the inerrancy of Scripture, in particular whether the Ten Commandments were really from God. Three InterVarsity leaders: Adam, the outreach coordinator; Nick, the chapter president; and Jon, a member of the worship team and Chris’ old roommate, tried to help Chris answer his questions. (Chris had been coming to almost every activity InterVarsity held since the beginning of the school year.)

One night at the grocery store, Adam and Chris had a conversation about the Bible. “I believe certain parts of the Bible, but how do I know the Ten Commandments were given by God?” Chris asked. Adam explained why he believed the entire Bible is trustworthy. Adam told him that Christ is the cornerstone of the Christian faith, that Jesus is God’s Word made flesh. Chris still wasn’t sure about the Bible and what it meant to be a Christian and have this personal relationship with Christ.

When they got back from the store, Chris went to Nick’s room to see if he could help. Nick showed Chris a Christian website. As Chris read an article on the Ten Commandments, he realized that he was a sinner and guilty of breaking God’s laws. Chris left to be alone in his room and think about what he’d just read. For the first time, the Ten Commandments made sense to him, and he realized that if he truly trusted Jesus, as the cornerstone of his life, the entire Bible would make sense to him because God had given us both the Bible and salvation through Christ.

As Jon was going back to his room, he stopped to talk with Chris. Jon listened as Chris shared his thoughts on the article he’d read about the Ten Commandments. Jon suggested they pray together. Just before they began to pray, Nick knocked on the door and asked Chris if they could continue their spiritual discussion. Nick shared the Gospel of Jesus Christ with Chris. Jon, Nick, and Chris prayed together as Chris entered God’s kingdom.

Chris and David both questioned the reliability of the Bible as the truth about God. InterVarsity staff and students reached out to help them discover the truth about God for themselves. Students who are questioning their faith are invited into the InterVarsity community to investigate and develop a relationship with Jesus Christ and fellow Christians.