By Wade Weber

Finding a Place to Plug In

InterVarsity staff members across the country look back on the school year to the different ways God developed students as witnesses and leaders on campus. Wade Weber, a staff member at Kansas State University, shares one of his memories.

As the second semester finishes this week, I am reminded of the ways God has been faithful to His ministry on campus. We have seen new students step up into leadership and faithful witness. Seeing students move from being merely participants to contributors and owners in the ministry is one of the most rewarding aspects of this ministry. Seeing faith come alive in students and assisting them as they follow Jesus in their collegiate lives is truly delightful.

One student named Rusty joined the fellowship at the semester break and became interested in the worship team. Rusty is all “Kansas” – he comes from a Kansas farming community; he talks to you straight, and even sings Country Western music. He also happens to play guitar.

He had transferred to K-State from a community college the semester before and mentioned how it had been a hard transition academically and socially. People in his classes already knew people, had established ways of social life; and it was harder for him to find a group of students that were pursuing faith. He had been to many of the large ministries on campus and was turned away by the sheer size and impersonal feel. He quickly found a “home” in InterVarsity.

Within a month, Rusty was playing alongside the rest of our worship team – finding his own way of sharing in God’s work on campus. But Rusty was only one part of what God was doing this semester.

Our Monday night worship team was made up of people from all over the world: students – black and white, city and country, American and international (our drummer is from Ivory Coast in Africa) – growing to become a witnessing community on campus. I have been amazed at the cosmopolitan gathering of students God has allowed me to work with this past semester. I know that it delights God’s heart to see us lift up the truth of the Gospel in learning to love one another.




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